As most of you who read this blog regularly know, Im on a bit of a skincare experimental spree these days, so when I got a chance to try some of Kama Ayurveda’s luxurious products that were tailored for my skin type, I was totally kicked. I got these products as part of a Bridal Beauty Consultation, which was a limited period offer available at  Kama stores across India where a doctor analysed my skin type and recommended a routine that was fit for me.  “You are a Vata personality. You probably suffer from chronic dry skin, fine hair and have lean body types. You are also creatively inclined, and have generally clear skin “, she said and this was just after a short 5 minute conversation with her ! Well alright then, lets see what Kama has in store for me I thought , as I exited the elegant white and gold store  with a box full of products.
Essentially , Iv been following a routine using  the Eladi Face cream before heading to work, splashing a spritz of Mogra water during the day . I then come home, and use the ultra calming Rose & Jasmine cleanser to cleanse the day off, and if you know me, you know how much I focus on night time routine right? I apply the Kumkumadi Miraculous beauty fluid, which seeps into my skin and I wake up to a much more moisturized face the next morning. I also use the scrub about once a week, along with some serious haircare with the Bringadi oil (this oil I actually have been using since before hand as well) and the Rose & Jasmine Hair Cleanser & Conditioner.
My favourites from this range include:
Kumkumadi Face Scrub: I use this about once a week, and the face scrub has a nice texture –  not too mild  , a little bit gritty.  It works in shedding away excessive dead skin cells without drying my skin and gives a refreshed, glow to it and my face feels smoother and clearer even after just one use . Kudos for the wooden spatula, its so convenient to apply. This is pretty much my staple face scrub now and ensures all those gritty blackheads get gently exfoliated.
Price: Rs 995/-
Mogra Water : With summer around the corner, this is definitely going to be a handbag staple. A few spritz of this on the skin- is enough to make me feel refreshed and light. It feels pretty much like water on the skin, but it does tighten pores so I think it works like a toner. This is one of those items I think will become a staple for me, I cant get enough of spritzing this on my face.
Price: Rs 250/-
KumKumadi Miraculous Beauty Fluid: This is essentially a night serum , but it works great on evening out my skintone and even to an extent lightening dark circles. This will work great for other girls out there who have dry skin like mine, as this moisturizes and also improves tone of my skin. You have to be a bit careful with the dropper though – since it yellow it may stain, but is worth the investment.
Price: Rs 1890/-
Bringadi Hair Oil: My mom actually gave this hair oil to me long time before, but like all things that come from my mom, I kinda discounted it. My mom swears that this has helped her reduce hair fall, and while Iv only been using it for about two weeks so its early to say that, I will say that this is my favourite hair oil before any shampoo. It moisturizes and nourishes from the root and my hair look shiny and glossy !
Price: Rs 515/-
 Rose & Jasmine Face Cleanser: I love how calming this feels after a days work , and soothes my nerves. I also love that this is a very balanced face cleanser, i.e. it doesn’t strip my face from oils the way other conditioners can tend to do, but just leaves it fresh and clean without making it feel tight. Definite repurchase.
Price: Rs 375/-
Kokum Body Butter: Its thick, luscious and extremely hydrating for my elbows and knees where my skin feels dry and scaly . The consistency is thick but not greasy which is what I look for in a body butter.
Price:  Rs 1195/-
Overall, I am glad I got a chance to experience the Kama Ayurveda line , not only were these products effective and suited my skin type, but also they are at a great price point.

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