Whats an ‘it bag’ you ask? Well, it’s one of those bags from designer labels that probably cost you the equivalent of a foreign vacation , or just any bag that you consider an ‘investment’. Think the Louis Vuitton Neverfull, the Lady Dior bag, the  Fendi Classic Tote, you get the hang of it right???? Well, here is my list for knowing what you should while buying in India:


1. Don’t be embarassed to ask for a discount :

I had this ritual when I was working a corporate job. Every year, I would wait for my bonus and then spend that bonus on one luxury item. While I no longer recieve bonuses, I still treat myself to one splurge every year and recently and I upgraded my rather sturdy DKNY to the Fendi Zucca Tote with a yellow strip. I happened to pressure the sales staff for a discount- saying I was getting 10% off at MK and asked her what the best she could do. While she did say they never run discounts, she informed me that they were going on sale next week and I should come back then. I found the bag I wanted at 30% off the next week , which I wouldn’t have known had I not asked


2. Don’t buy Michael Kors in India

It is ridiculously overpriced. Bags which cost upwards of 30K in Emporio cost like 16K abroad. It’s the one label with the largest price disparity I have ever seen. Another thing about MK- pressure them for a discount and they would probably relent without too much pushing.

3. Dont compromise comfort & utility

You are spending all that money- you might as well buy something you are comfortable holding. For instance I just cannot deal with bags with small handles- the kinds I cant sling  on my shoulder . If the bag requires me to hold my arm at an awkward 90 degree angle- there is no way I will buy it. Also- there are certain basic things you should check. For instance the LV Neverfull I absolutely love, but it has no zips and as someone who frequents the metro, that freaks me out.


4. December second week- the one time in the year you should wait for

I’m not sure about other cities in India but Emporio goes on a whopping discount every December – during the second week.  Best time to shop.


5. Make them run for you

I understand that buying a fancy, shiny new piece makes you want to store it and never use it except on special occasions. But if you have got yourself a tote, make it work for you everyday ! The reason you spend on these bags apart from flaunting a label, is that these bags actually LAST.  You don’t have to think of changing your bag every six months, so go ahead and use them.


6. Mix up your It Bags with local buys and flea market haunts.

Maybe it’s just me but beyond the regular tote and a few unique night out bags, I find it incredibly boring when girls carry just the same kind of  luxury labels everywhere. There are so many quirky bags out there- with fringes, with odd shapes, with  different materials that probably cost under 3000 Rs ! Mix and match your luxury label with stuff that has personality and reflects you as well !

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