1-DSC09832 Clinique took me back to my teen years last month. Why?  Firstly, everytime I take out this Lip Lacquer the song from Black Eyed Peas rings in my head – “Mix my milk with your cocoa puffs Milky Milky righhhhhht..” and that was a teen anthem when we were young and stupid. Secondly, they sent these Lip Lacquers in this cutesy little plastic bag with “Magic Pops candy”. Remember that candy that would crackle and tingle on your tongue ? That was the closest thing to a really great kiss when you were a gawky teenager.  Sigh. The Days. Well actually, those days were kinda overrated.

Anyhoo,  coming back to beauty talk, I loved the color of Cocoa Pop instantly- its like this sweet, in between pinky brown that is perfect for everyday wear. Think office appropriate but not boring because the gloss kicks it up a notch. I also love how moisturizing these are and the luscious, full lip kind of finish they give on my lips because they are incredibly pigmented even if they dont look so at first glance . Only pet peeve- these are incredibly sticky and maybe lip lacquers are meant to be sticky , but I find the stickiness in summers a tad bit annoying. Theyr decently long lasting, but they don’t completely survive a meal which , considering how sticky these are is a little frustrating. Another issue- you don’t get completely even color distribution with them and they can look patchy but I can live with that because it settles in nicely after a while

3-DSC09874 1-DSC098602-DSC001371-DSC00110

Verdict : B

Price: Approx 1300 Rs

Verdict: While these are incredibly pigmented and I love the high shine look & moisture  they give, Im not a fan of how sticky these are which makes me want tor each for them lesser and lesser as the temperature rises.

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