Guest article by Nidhi

Holi is around the corner. But this festival of colours can be a bit of a nightmare for your skin.

Most of us love to play with colours but forget about their after-effects like irritation, rashes, dullness and breakouts. I am listing down some Pre & Post Holi skin and hair care tips so that we can enjoy this beautiful festival without any worries.

Pre Holi

  1. Before you start playing, wear full sleeved top and jeans/trousers. This will prevent direct exposure of your skin to harsh chemicals.
  2. Apply a generous amount of body lotion / oil onto your skin so that the colours do not stick to your skin. You should also apply Sunscreen with a good SPF as you would be playing out in the scorching sun.
  3. For nails, apply a thick coat of nail paint on your nails. You can remove the nail paint using a remover later on and voila clean nails.
  4. Vaseline can also be applied to nails and ears to weaken the effect of colours.
  5. Keep yourself hydrated with water and clear fluids. Dehydration leads to dry skin which makes the colours seep deep into your skin.
  6. For hair, apply coconut / olive or mustard oil before going out.

During Holi

  • Try to refrain from playing with harsh chemical dyes. Instead opt for herbal colours. Prevention is better than cure right ?
  • If you experience any irritation or allergy while playing, wash yourself with cold water immediately.

Post Holi

  1. Go easy girls! Don’t try to remove all of the colour in one go. These colours are mostly chemical based and over-rubbing would make the skin dry and dull.
  2. You can make home made packs out of tomato and curd. Tomato has natural bleaching properties which will fade the colour and curd skin remain soft. A pack made from gram flour and milk will also help in lightening the colours.
  3. Bathe with cold water after playing Holi.
  4. Use a mild face wash to clean your face. Again, rigorous rubbing would lead to rashes and irritation.
  5. After bath, apply a generous amount of body lotion to replenish moisture.
  6. Wash your hair with a regular shampoo but don’t forget to condition your hair well. Colours can make your hair look lifeless.

Now you can go out this Holi and play without worrying about your beautiful skin and lovely locks ! Just keep these tips in mind. They do work !!

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