travelgirl I don’t think I would have EVER considered traveling solo, had I not heard about all these great stories from friends of friends who went traveling across Europe, or even had short stays within India.  Some of them stayed in youth hostels, made great friends and roamed around the whole of Europe. Others just took quiet breaks to Pondicherry and spent some time with themselves, reading a book.

Which got me thinking- arranging a holiday with other people can honestly become impossible. Friends have their own schedules, and though me and the boy do take a trip once a year, I feel like I want to travel and see the world so much more than what we can do together (The fact that we both cannot be on leave for too long from the office is another problem). Travelling alone is really the  only viable alternative.

I have been thinking about this for a while now, and I know people don’t get it. I know my family will probably think there is something wrong with me that I want to take off alone into a new country, and while the boy will be supportive and will understand I know a lot of other people would also raise eyebrows. A married woman traveling alone? What is wrong with her? Is she happy ? Is everything ok.

But I am going to do it anyway. It’s one of those resolutions you make to yourself – you know 30 things to do before you are 30 ,  or lets do these ten things before you have a kid.  I know there are two things I definitely want to do – travel solo, and do a short course abroad.

I would love to hear about your experiences of traveling solo. Where did you go, how is it like. Is it wierd to eat alone? Do people stare if you are alone getting a drink at the bar? Is it safe ? Is it even worth the hype or do you end up missing a travel companion. Do you think only a certain type of person can travel solo?? Just so I am prepared for whatever eventual trip I choose to take.

Comment below, but also write in to peachesandblush at gmail dot com . We would love to feature a Travel Series with women who travel solo, or travel with other women or heck even with your better half as long as its an interesting place. 

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