The maximum amount of comments I receive is about why I don’t wear kohl. It isn’t something I really thought about, but I guess in a kohl obsessed country its a bit strange to have a beauty blogger not wear it. It’s not like I dont own kohl- My trusted Maybelline Colossal is always with me if Im out for weddings or want a more dramatic eye. ¬†For an everyday basis , I feel like I prefer the wide eyed innocent look of just an eyeliner, plus given that I suffer from chronic dark circles, kohl tends to rub me off the wrong way.

So what do you do if you are not into Kohl?


The Thick Liner at the top

This is probably my go to look . It’s what I wear everyday, to parties, lunches, brunches and dinner. Just a thick liner with a ice bright lip (or even a muted one). When you are doing it this way, its important not to use a glossy eyeliner because a thick line of glossy black looks like way too much obvious makeup on. I prefer matte, dark liners.

Everyday basis : I use the Lakme Absolute Shine Liner, but while going out I love the Mac Rebel Eyes lines


The SoftBrown eyeshadow at the bottom

There are times when I feel like I need something – anything at the bottom lash line to darken it up and give it some oomph. While I find that kohl can be a bit harsh, I love how a soft brown shadow looks . Its innocent and pretty and looks like kohl but more natural. The only problem- it is near impossible to find a shadow that doesn’t smudge so by the end of the night, its possible you will look absolutely exhausted.

I like using: Mac Embark Shadow or Mac Teddy or Chambor Brown Dazzle


Simple Tightlining

I experimented with this at my sister in laws mehendi. I was wearing like a very fresh, minty outfit and I wanted a very wide awake , I have no makeup on look. All I did was take my kohl and tightlined by upper lid. Then with a liquid liner, I made an invisible (literally) invisible line just to add a bit of depth. Finally loaded up on oodles on mascara .


What about you guys? What are your alternatives to kohl?



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