Whats the difference between a pharmacy and my dresser? These days, not much..except the pharmacy has a man behind it . (Have you ever wondered by the way- why is no chemist a woman? I have literally NEVER met a woman who runs a pharmacy in my life. So strange . Have you?). Anyway coming back to the point- while I might exaggerate a bit, it is true that my nighttime skincare routine now consists mostly of Vitamin Tablets applied to the face , much to a chemists delight.

Vitamin C & E: The Magic Combination of Anti Ageing

So basically , I did a ton of research and it turns out Vitamin C is like the shizz. It apparently boosts collagen reproduction , makes you glow all brighter and really is the only thing apparently apart from Retinol which can prevent ageing. So I was like Ok cool, let me go buy some creams and serums with Vitamin C in it. EXCEPT, the more I read , the more I realised that Vitamin C is an unstable compound so what you get in creams may not even be as effective because the shelf life of Vitamin C is SO small, it literally loses efficacy within a month. Moreover, you never know what is the concentration of Vitamin C you have in your creams, so I went and purchased the Vitamin C Serum from Cipla.


I use this on alternative days and my Vitamin E -Aloe Vera Capsules on alternate days and they both work great. The Vitamin E capsules – over time , Iv noticed they have made my face look so much more smooth and even toned.  I was battling these dull spots on my face and patchiness and this has really helped- not to mention that it moisturizes well too.

The Vitamin C from Cipla is something I tried recently. It has 15% concentration of Vitamin C (any higher might be harmful) and so far so good. The thing about Vit C is that it can change color to yellow and dark brown very quickly and that means it has oxidized. At this stage,  this might even work in the opposite way and cause your skin to darken and this happens pretty quickly- like within a month !! The Vitamin C gives you brighter skin – thats for sure.. and with Vit E in the mix it seems to be doing well for my skin.

Im considering making my own Vit C Serum . I purchased Vitamin C powder for it anyway and have been googling recipes online.

Any of you have experience with Vitamins for the face?

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