So a few weeks back we went to the Visa Office, to get our visa for Spain, and then the same day these Island Kiss lip balms magically appeared at my doorstep as if it were a sign for god to say. Go on, ¬†take out that bathing suit of yours..your vacay is near by. Not that I’m saying Spain is an island, but well it has a beach so its close enough. Logistical question for you girls by the way: Im traveling with my brother and my mom, and what’s the etiquette on beach dressing ? Like ummm, how wierd would it be to wear a bikini with your brother around? Questions. Questions.

One thing that I am packing however are these Island Kiss Lip Balms. First off, let me just compliment the packaging because it is rare, actually it is IMPOSSIBLE to find an Indian brand with packaging as attractive as these cuties. It’s almost like how Benefit packs their stuff.

Secondly, these are 100% natural and I can feel that because when I apply these on my lips, it doesn’t feel waxy or heavy like other lip balms do which is why they are perfect for summer. Light, and pretty. My favourite is Puerto Berry Blush because it doubles up as a pretty, berry lip tint. Also major props to SPF 15 – I love lipbalms with SPF. Plus, the fact that these are literally made in a cute little kitchenette in Goa just adds the aww factor.

In terms of moisture- these do pretty well, they soften and hydrate but I wouldn’t recommend them as a cure for chapped lips. Nice to have to soothe everyday hassles but not for heavy duty winter dryness.

The Inges Lavender has a whiff of soothing lavender and is pretty much colorless. The Cherry Blossom flores smells adorable and fruity with again, no discernable color. Puerto Berry Blush is my favourite and gives a gorgeous blush of reddish pink.



Verdict : A-

Price: Approx Rs 400/-

Buy them from: Island Kiss 

Recommendation: These are lightweight, some of these have pretty tints (specially the Puerto Berry one is reallly pretty), and they soften and hydrate. While these are definitely not cures for dry and chapped lips, these are really nice to have during the summer months.


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