If I could get inside the bag of a makeup artist , I  totally would. To see what they use, how much they use and what they recommend. After all, these girls work with makeup everyday right ? However since I cannot shrink ourselves to the size of a chihuahua, (and that might defeat the entire purpose because chihuahuas dont wear makeup), I thought the next best thing would be just to ask these guys directly. So I got talking to Jasmeet Kapany– bridal makeup artist in Delhi. Over to her…


I have mildly dry skin, so for everyday skincare  I add some Nivea face cream to my sunscreen, because I find that sunscreen alone can be quite patchy on the face, specially on someone that has dry skin. I am someone who believes in letting your skin breathe .  My everyday makeup routine consists of Eyeliner (just on the lid) lots and lots of mascara, bronzer, and my ‘Mat 4′ lipstick from Makeup Forever which is a beautiful rosey-brown and perfect for daily wear .   If I feel the need to even out my skin tone, I use the compact powder from Makeup Forever.

Makeup forever is one of my all time favourite brands. (Thank God for Sephora!!) Their HD foundation is one of the best in the world ! I swear by their primers, their matte lipsticks are amazing and their glitters are classy (not jazzy).

 I also  love MAC’s ‘studio fix’ powder foundations. They’re great for the summer. Their ‘pro long wear’ concealers are great for our ‘Indian under eyes’ because they’re crease proof and cover everything up perfectly . Also, they have lipsticks that suit everyone’s taste !! I love Ruby Woo, So Chaud , Taupe, Kinda Sexy & Flat out Fabulous on me.
Inglot is another brand that I swear by. They have a wide variety of everything – from eye shadows to false lashes to nail polishes! And quite affordable too. They also let you customize eye, lip & blush palettes.

I like using eye shadows and blush-ons that have ‘Mica’ in them. Mica adds that nice healthy gleam without making the product look extra shimmery. Since I deal with brides everyday and its important that they have the most gorgeous photos,  I avoid products with SPF because it flashes back and your face tends to look white in photographs, not in a good way. My one advice to everyone reading this : Wear only as much makeup as you need to! Let Your skin breathe!!!  :))


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