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Hello beautiful ladies!! I hope you are doing well. If you have been following beauty blogs or YouTube beauty gurus for last year or so, I am sure you have come across these highly raved about NARS Matte Velvet Lip pencils. It did not take me long to jump on the bandwagon and here I am reviewing these bad boys.

I first got hooked on these lip pencils last year in January when Sephora sent two mini pencils as birthday gifts for their beauty insiders. Beauty insider is just their jargon for their loyalty point card holders. I got them in the shades Rikugien (which was actually a satin formula) and Cruella (the velvet matte). As soon as I put Cruella on my lips, I was blown away by the formula and how smoothly they glided on the lips; especially considering they are matte. They do not feel dry whatsoever, neither did they accentuate the flakiness of my chapped lips.

open lid pencils (all shades)

Applicator close up (all shades)

Since they are in lip pencil form, they are supposed to last a long time and you don’t need a lip liner underneath them. I totally agree with this, they do last a long time but nothing crazy like liquid lipsticks. I feel like I need to reapply them every 4-5 hours-ish mark which I personally don’t mind. Touch ups add to perfection!

NARS is one of my go-to brands for they have products for every single skin tone and these lipsticks are no exceptions. There are 15 shades to choose from which is amazing and they vary from nudes to bold berries; so there is definitely a shade for you regardless of your skin-tone! Now you might think $26 is a lot to pay for a lip pencil but they are so worth every single penny!! And they last such a long time. I believe the mini size that I got lasted me 3-3.5 months with everyday use. And as soon as I ran out of it I rushed to Sephora and bought a full size along with three others because they are that good!! The shades I am showing you guys here are Dolce Vita (my favorite nude ever), Mysterious Red, Cruella and Damned.

swatches (all shades)

The only thing I don’t like is that I have to carry a sharpener around to sharpen them although you don’t need to sharpen them until 6-7 uses so I can look past that. Other than that I love how luxurious they feel and look in that classic NARS matte black packaging. I do appreciate the fact that the end cap of pencils are coloured which makes it super easy to pick the one you want.

Damned on lips

cruella on lips

dolce vita on lips

Mysterious Red on lips


  • Last on the lips for a fairly long time
  • Feel smooth and glide easily on the lips
  • Do not accentuate dry lips
  • One pencil will last about 4-6 months with everyday use


  • High price point
  • Need to be sharpened


 Verdict : A

Price : $26

Recommendation : I would have given them A+ had there not been the sharpening issue. Next time you are in Sephora give these a go.

Have you gotten a chance to try these out? Let me know what you feel about them!! As usual leave your comments, questions and recommendations down below because I love to hear from you!

Guest post by Rimple of (A beauty blog, its name is derived from her name Rimple and the fact that she believes in simplicity and elegance). Skin type – Combination oily, sensitive, acne prone

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