Guest review by Khushboo (Skin type: Combination with oily T-zone, Skin tone: NC30-35)

Today I am going to review Natio wellness body butter. I know this is not the best time to review a body butter, but I believe that moisturizing the body all year round is good for healthy skin.

Product description: Rich body moisturizer with Shea butter and pomegranate to soften skin and help strengthen anti-aging defenses. Helps to improve skin tones and enliven skin’s appearance. Leaves a smooth, satin soft feel. Olive leaf extract and anti-oxidant Pomegranate help to renew skin’s energy, while Shea butter leaves skin smith and soft all day long.


My opinion on Natio Wellness Body Butter: I am a fan of The Body Shop body butters and use them during chilly seasons. But I find them heavy for this warm weather. I was happy with my light weight body lotions, but after getting good results with Natio’s night cream and face wash, I decided to try their body butters. Lets have a look at the results.

Packaging: The body butter comes in a plastic, transparent tub with a screw on lid. The lid closes tightly and the packaging is travel friendly. But I still wish they came in a tube.

Formula: The body butter felt like silk ! It has a very soft, whipped, light weight formula. The body butter truly melts into the skin like butter, gets absorbed fast without leaving any greasiness. It doesn’t feel heavy at all, even in this warm and humid weather.


Effectiveness: Though this body butter feels very light weight, it moisturizes my skin very nicely. I apply it after taking a bath and my skin feels hydrated all day long. Even in my air-conditioned office, I did not feel the need to reapply anything on my hands. My skin feels hydrated, soft, smooth and plumped. I can’t comment on how it works for dry skinned girls but I bet they will love this body butter in warmer weathers.

Fragrance: It has very nice spa like fresh floral, feminine fragrance which I love. As I open the lid, the smell feels so nice. It stays for 2-3 hours after which it fades away. The fragrance lingers on my clothes longer and I can sniff it even after returning home in the evening. It is not over-powering like some fragrant body moisturizers. I just love it. Loving any fragrance/smell is individual, do sniff before buying.


Pros of Natio Wellness Body Butter:

  • Very light weight and silky formula.
  • Gets absorbed fast without leaving any greasy residue behind.
  • Skin feels moisturized, smooth and soft.
  • The hydration effect lasts long.
  • Very nice fragrance.
  • Travel friendly packaging.

Cons of Natio Wellness Body Butter:

  • Expensive.


Verdict : A+

Price: INR 1140/ 240 g (I got it at 20% discount online)

Recommendation: Highly recommended to everyone. If you are into body butters, just grab it and you will love it. I am definitely going to repurchase this and even other body care products from this brand.


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