Sometimes, its the simple things in a day that just make it worthwhile for me. It may sound strange but Clinique’s Take the day off cleansing toilettes are one of the parts of the day I look forward most  to – when I can just rub the muck and grime (and lipstick) from my face and start over for a new tommorow.

It kind of gets me into a philosophical mood at times- what if life were like that. Where you could just erase a few things here, a few things there and start over tommorow. Well, if it really were, here are some things I would erase from my life –  silver kohl (yes I wore it once) ,  turquoise spectacles (I thought I was being FUN) , and the meal I had yesterday (Cheese + Bacon + Dessert = Death) . Well that and a few people.

Anyway, coming back to the toilettes – the wierd reason I love them is not even for their makeup removing super powers.  For those who know the original iconic product- these are essentially just wipes versions of the balm. I just love the feel of this lavender/ eucalyptus tissue sliding down my face at the end of a hard days work. It makes my skin look softer, it keeps it moisturized and yes it does remove makeup. I wouldn’t use this for everyday heavy duty shizz, but for everyday work and also for travel these are SOOOO convenient. Specially packing them along for my Spain trip (which by the day is now just 4 days away. EEEEEEEE)

Any must do’s in Spain? Tell me Ladies?


Verdict : A-

Price: Approx 1000 Rs for 50 wipes. So yeah. Not cheap.

Recommendation: They are my favourite little part of my nightime routine. Removes everyday makeup with ease and best of all leaves your face feeling soft, moisturized and oddly calm. These are travel essentials IMO


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