Iv said this before- when God was distributing the domestic goddess gene, I was definitely not in the crowd. I was probably away watching Game of Thrones or something because literally I am the polar opposite of what a domestic goddess should be like. I think the only bit of it I got is that I like to decorate . Just knick knacks here, a few useless things , a few cushions make me a very happy girl and the boy a very unhappy man.

Seriously, I tried explaining to him the use of my glittery sequinned cushions the other day and he told me they were a waste of space and inconvenient because his butt doesn’t get enough space when he sits on the chair. Erm. I was about to tell him that prettyness is more important than his butt-comfort, but I refrained. Anyway these are items are what Iv been having fun with !

Chalkboard Jar Labels

01-DSC00498 It’s the most genius thing invented since Mascara. I mean chalkboard labels that can be stuck onto Jars and then wiped out and rewritten?? Just changed my household life. Only issue- Maid doesn’t read english so it doesn’t help her whatsoever. Still cute though right?

Bought these from Amazon

Reusing Baby Shower Gifts Shamelessly

07-DSC0050413-DSC00510So my friend had a baby (yes Im THAT age now) and she gave the cutest set of two drawers. Each drawer had a little cake inside it which was so yum we finished it before you can say ‘Frosting’. So now- these drawers store my napkins.

Wooden PhotoFrames with no Photos

60-DSC00557Well the no photos bit is not intentional, I was actually meaning to print out our recent glamorazzi photoshoot pictures in these. But i lowe the colors so much!

My incredibly cute flower vase

I mean its an iron. With flowers in it. So cute ! Picked these up from one of my favourite decor places The Wishing Chair  . They have the best stuff. On a seperate note, whats plural for vase? Is it vases or vase? Hmm..

Blingy cushions

1-DSC00577Please dont miss my matching magazine holder.



I can’t photograph this properly because there is a whole bunch of ugly-ness in the form of wires and AC adapters and damp wall stuff peeking through. But my gold birdcage with pretty artificial flowers and my Buddha statue perched on top of my high table is my Zen space. Though the only comment my mom had for this was- Oh but when you have kids you can’t do all this cos they will knock stuff around. Ermm. ok mom. We will worry about that then.





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