Guest Review by Anshu (Skin type – Combination/ Dry according to change in weather)

Today I am going to review Votre Face Serum, I am so excited and hope that this review will be helpful to some of you. I received this product for the very first time in one of my Fab Bags. I was happy to receive Votre serum as I had used up the “Just herbs Elixir serum earlier which was nice but the smell was a big no-no for me.

About the product : A smooth liquid with medium viscosity, milky white in colour, hydrating and non-sticky serum. It gets easily absorbed by the skin within seconds without leaving a greasy layer on skin. The serum comes in a translucent brown glass bottle with a glass dropper in it. The dropper makes the usage easy and hygienic. The product has a light and pleasant scent that does not stay for a long time so those people who have a sensitive nose need not worry.


Claims : This Aqua rich revitalizing (PM) serum is enriched with virgin cold pressed oils, herbal blends & innovative molecules which help brighten the complexion and reduce fine lines.

Ingredients : Jojoba oil, Licorice extract, Geranium oil, Olive oil, Almond oil, Orange peel extract, Apricot oil, Lemon extract, rosehip oil, Base QS.

Skin type : All skin types

How do you use it ? Take a small amount of the serum and massage onto the face till it gets absorbed.

Availability : Filpkart /Fab bag / Nykaa website


My experience : I am 36 years old with dry/combination skin type (depending on the weather). Though I wasn’t very regular (lazy me), I started using this serum at night just before applying my night cream and sometimes only the serum. After the nights I used the serum, the next morning my skin looked bright and supple. It really made me happy. I decided to try it seriously on a daily basis. I ordered one more bottle and I used it regularly (sometimes serum alone and sometimes with my night cream). And yes! It did make my skin look softer and smoother. A few of my acne marks/dark spots also faded (for acne marks I was also using home remedies regularly, so that could also be one of the reasons for my faded marks). My forehead has dry skin. Sometimes because of a lack of a proper moisturizing routine, few lines become visible. Those lines too seem to have reduced to some extent (could also be because of using night cream along with serum). So its claim on improving fine lines cannot be completely verified by me. But yes, I must tell you that using the serum alone also has made my skin look supple and bright. My skin glows and now I am on my third bottle :)


Pros :

  • The dropper makes it easy to control the amount of serum dispensed.
  • Gets absorbed into the skin quickly. Its light and non-greasy.
  • Makes skin smooth and supple.
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • No breakouts (yayyy!)
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • My dark spots have faded (along with use of home remedies) I do feel the serum has played a major role in that.


  • Little pricey
  • Glass bottle packaging, so you need to be careful while using it. You don’t want to drop it accidentally and waste this expensive serum.

Verdict : A

Price : Rs. 1670/- for 12ml

Recommendation : If you are looking for a serum that gives a glow to your face, makes your skin smooth and supple, then go for it. I feel with long term use it may improve fine lines too. Though a little pricey, I will definitely go for it again because of its fragrance (I like it!) and the glow it gives to my skin. I will definitely recommend it to people with normal, combination and oily skin. For dry skinned girls (like me), it can be used with moisturizer for better results. So, do give it a try.

Picture credits : My son (10 yrs old)

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