Ice Facial Source

Guest post by Shelja

Whenever one thinks of a facial, what comes to mind is some great massaging techniques, a dark cozy room, soft music and sweet smelling candles. Let’s be realistic though, how long does that fresh facial glow last ? Just one day ! But what if you could get all the benefits of a facial at home for free ? Yes its possible. Ice Facials are the answer.

Method : Essentially what an ice facial includes is taking an ice cube from your freezer and wrapping it in a soft cloth / handkerchief and slowly massaging it onto your face. Easy peasy. If you’d like to take it up a notch, fill a bowl with icy cold water and some ice cubes. Dunk your face in the bowl for a few seconds. Repeat 3 times. Please note that some of us have sensitive skin and applying an ice cube directly may cause problems. Make sure you know your skin and how it reacts before trying this at home.

Benefits of ice facials :

  • Tightens pores – It is common knowledge that warm water helps enlarge pores in the same way cold water helps tightens them. While a pore diminishing cream may help, why not go au naturel ? Ice facials can help significantly tighten pores.
  • Soothes sun burns – Had a blast at the beach but the sun played spoilsport ? If you’ve spent long hours at the beach an Ice facial can help soothe sun burns and even redness of skin. To make it more effective, try Aloe Vera gel cubes instead. Pour aloe vera gel or juice (gel blended with water) into ice trays and use the frozen cubes to get instant relief from sun burns. This is particularly useful because pure aloe vera gel is perishable, freezing it improves shelf life.
  • Fresher, brighter face – This beauty regime can be a life saver ! Whether you’re a college student or a working woman, nothing is more accessible than your own refrigerator. Your freezer is the key to a more glowing face every morning.



  • Rosy cheeks and fights wrinkles – Right after an Ice facial you’ll get complimentary rosy cheeks ! This is because it improves blood circulation. Also, it helps prevent wrinkles/ unwanted lines. Prevention is better than cure; if you’re still in your 20s its time to start fighting your future wrinkles right away ! Prepare an anti-ageing facial by diluting Apple Cider Vinegar with water and pouring it into an ice cube tray. These ice cubes can be used all over your face. Apple cider vinegar is rich in antioxidants, thus making it an effective anti ageing facial. Apple cider vinegar can also help unclog pores by removing bacteria and oil from deep within the skin.
  • De-puffs under eye area – We’ve heard time and again how used green tea bags can be frozen to be later applied to the under eye area. But if you’re like me who forgets to freeze them or worse – freezes them and forgets about them altogether rendering them unusable then try Ice facials. While normal ice cubes work great, why not take it to the next level ? Make Green Tea and let it reach room temperature, then pour into an ice tray and freeze. Voila! Green tea cubes #FTW.
  • Hydration – Ice facials nourish skin thereby reducing the amount of natural oils the facial skin produces. It is the most natural toner out there. It also works really well under makeup.

Have you tried an Ice Facial ? Share your experience with us !

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