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Guest Review by Rimple (Olive, acne prone skin). Check out her personal beauty blog Rimplicity.

If there is one thing that I can’t leave my home without, it HAS to be my brows. Even if I am wearing no face makeup at all, I still like to fill my brows in a little bit. They frame the face and really help bring attention to your eyes. Today I am bringing you a review on the ever so famous brow product, which is a cult favorite of a lot of YouTubers and makeup Gurus, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz!

The product retails for $21 (approx. INR 1400 / 0.085 g) and comes in 9 different shades to match your natural eyebrow hair color. That’s fantastic and very kind of Anastasia! Isn’t it? A simple tip while buying a brow product is that it should be about two shades lighter than your brow color. This will make sure you get the most natural looking full eyebrows that perfectly suits and enhances your natural brows. Now let’s talk about the product itself, shall we?

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Anastasia Beverly Hills recommends it for spot filling and defining the arches where hair is sparse or has been over plucked. Starting with the packaging, it is absolutely stunning! It is a very sleek, black sturdy plastic case with two caps on the each end with champagne text and detail. One end is the pencil itself and the other end is a spoolie. So hey! It is two tools in one, which I appreciate A LOT. Now this also makes it easy to travel with because I don’t have to carry my brow brush around! Also , did I mention it is retractable? Bye bye sharpener! Good thought Anastasia, HIGH FIVE!

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Now coming to the product itself, like I said, shade range is remarkable but the quality and precision you get with the Brow Wiz is like no other brow product I have tried so far. The formula is very creamy but not waxy or goopy. It is just that perfect texture where it is soft and would not tug on the skin or brow hairs. The spoolie is literally the work of a genius brain. It has thick and dense brushes which REALLY help you comb through the brow hairs and shape them as you want. The tip is really precise too and gives you complete control over the thickness of lines you draw. All these features combined give you perfect control over the product where you can easily create hair like strokes to get them brows on fleek that will last you all day!


Although, if you are someone with extremely, extremely less brow hair to begin with, the product will certainly work for you but you will run out of it very soon, around 3-4 weeks mark. And that might get expensive. For my medium-full brows it lasts me about 3 months so I can sort of justify the price.

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Pros :

  • Precise tip to control the thickness of strokes
  • Comes with a spoolie, so you don’t need a brow comb/brush
  • Very sleek packaging,  hence very travel friendly
  • Mimics brow hair very well to give natural looking brows
  • Retractable
  • Has a great shade range

Cons :

  • It is a high end product, so price point can come in the way
  • Might not be the best value for those with extremely thin/shaven brows


Verdict : A +

Price : $21 (~INR 1400 / 0.085 g)

Recommendation : Overall, I am absolutely in love with this product and it is the only brow product I have used in the last year and a half. It is perfect for everyday use and is so sleek to even toss in the purse to touch up during the day.

What is your favorite brow product ? Let me know !

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