Photo credit – Albert Amin Salon

A lot of you found our post on contouring and highlighting insanely helpful and also loved the tutorial video. But have you ever tried to contour your hair ? Yes you read that right ! The nouveau trend taking the hair-styling world by storm is – Hair Strobing. Read on to know more.

Hair Contouring – A personalised and deliberate colouring of hair to give the face a more defined, contoured look without makeup. Care is taken to individually customize each person’s look based on their hair colour, skin tone, facial feature to be highlighted and overall contouring objective.

Hair Strobing – Very similar to contouring. It essentially involves using shades that are two tones lighter and two tones darker than your natural hair colour. Keeping in mind the areas that light falls on and areas where shadows form, subtle highlights (and lowlights) are positioned so that it flatters your face shape and structure. The shades that suit Indian skin tones are cool browns, mocha and caramel.

Benefits :

  • Puts the spotlight on your favourite feature – Say you want to subtly make your chiseled jawline or plump lips more noticeable, you can highlight the hair near your jaw line to achieve an optical illusion. Or maybe your favourite feature is your expressive eyes. Make them the centre of attention by lightening hair around the eyes (bangs/ fringes). To enhance your cheek bones, place highlights near the centre of your face.
  • Complements skin tone – Apart from being really chic and stylish, hair strobing brings out a person’s natural complexion.
  • Visual effect of altering face shape – If you’re looking at an end result that visually increases length/width of your face, then choose lighter shades that reflect light. Similarly, darker shades reduce them by forming shadows.
  • Enhances hairstyle / hair cut – Since this involves a personalized application of hair colour to targeted areas, it takes any regular hairstyle up a notch.

It is important to include a caveat here that aftercare should always be kept in mind. By aftercare, we mean using hair products that provide nourishment to colour treated hair and also protects them. When compared to globally coloured hair, strobed hair is relatively low maintenance because there isn’t a need for regular touch-ups. 

SalonsL’oreal Professionnel salons across India provide this service (#MochaMania) and so do Matrix Salons with their Rock N Strobe color collection.

Have you tried Hair Strobing ? Share your experience with us !


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