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Not everyone is blessed with well-behaved, flawless and naturally glowing skin. Most of us have to spend time giving our skin some TLC. We religiously follow a CTM routine, make sure we never skip sunscreen and have a weekly ritual of beauty treatments. These may include scrubs, masks or facials. At-home facials are convenient, affordable and effective but for some special occasions we prefer going to a salon and having a professional work their magic on us. The catch is that these facials are expensive. Also the sheer amount of choice (of salons in the city and various facials in each of them) leaves us baffled. So P&B decided to catalogue real experiences & favourite facials of girls from all over the country for you !

1. Intense Hydration Facial – Best suited for those with dry skin, it rejuvenates skin and provides a soothing effect to the face. If the weather, polluted surroundings and harsh, chemical laden products are making your skin dull and flaky, give this one a shot. It will give you a boost of moisture, making your skin look younger and healthier.

Radhika (Mumbai) has combination skin and a hydrating facial is her go-to facial for a quick skin pick me up. It relaxes skin and reduces under eye puffiness. She loves how her face feels to touch post facial – so so smooth ! She frequents Farita in Andheri to get it done. Price Rs.1500. Mehak (Delhi NCR) tried it at the Jamuna Pai Blush Clinic where they charge ~Rs.4000 and was quite pleased with the results. The skin felt nourished and tan was visibly reduced. What’s more – the effects lasted for 7-10 days ! To read entire review go here.

2. Casmara Facial – Casmara is a high end skincare brand from Spain. Its products are available on Nykaa. Basically this facial includes the brand’s signature peel-off face mask. The USP of this mask is that the formulation contains marine algae and other natural ingredients that lend moisture and radiance to the skin.

Mehak (Delhi NCR) says, “They put this black gel film on you, and once they remove it you think – What’s the big deal ?? But you wake up the next morning to fabulously glowing skin.” (Detailed review here.) You can get it done at Geetanjali Salon, Green Park or Affinity Salons in Delhi and Chandigarh. Price Rs.1800 +

3. Fresh Fruit Facial – Tap into nature’s bounty with a fresh fruit facial and leave behind worries of chemicals causing havoc and irritating your skin. Choose from papayas, strawberries etc and make way for happy, happy skin. Fruits contain enzymes, antioxidants and vitamins that help improve the texture of skin from within.

Deeksha (Bangalore) is full of praise about fruit facials as they make her skin feel oh so soft and fresh. She gets it done at VLCC where price is approximately Rs.1000 while Pragya from Indore prefers Touch n Glow that charges Rs.2000. She loves using natural products to pamper her skin.

4. Chocolate Facial – Chocolate (dark cocoa with 70% or more cacao) is packed with goodness. Said to have anti-aging skin benefits, it also helps heal skin cells. If you are one for decadent indulgences, this one is a must try.

Arunima (Bangalore) wholeheartedly approves chocolate facials. Post facial her skin is devoid of tan, replenished with moisture and well-rested. She gets it done at her local beauty parlour. Price Rs.850

5. O3 Facial – It utilizes products from the brand O3+. Its products are readily available online on Flipkart/ Jabong. The facial provides good exfoliation thereby making your skin look clean and fresh. It makes the skin soft and supple.

Megha from Nagpur swears by it. She says, “It really works for my dry skin and makes it glow. I get it done at Legaato Hair & Skin Studio where they charge Rs.4000.Rinku (Nagpur) also loves this facial as it doesn’t irritate her sensitive skin. She prefers Mulberry where the price is Rs.1800.

6. Aroma Facial – This facial is an instant stress buster. The USP is the inclusion of essential oils like lavender, rose, chamomile, peppermint etc which are very potent and help relax the mind. It helps hydrate the skin, soothe it and provide a natural glow (no highlighters required).

Sadhana (Mumbai) says, “I have dry skin and aroma facials work very well for me. I prefer going to Faritas where it costs me Rs.1500.”

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