Iv always wondered how fashion bloggers do it- like are their boyfriends just naturally gifted with photography? Is there a way you can tell from before and pick a boy who is? Because my boy, when he clicks a photo Im not even in the center. Like, not even close- like the center is some tiny rock thingi and im on some hazy, blurry side where half my face is cut off. I blame him for not being able to make my glamorous fashion blogger dream come true. Well, that and heels. I can’t wear all those heels the fashion bloggers wear – they seem to like live in them. Ooh I just found a third reason – I don’t have enough space in my house to keep all the shoes.

Anyway, at a recent shoot for WedMeGood we were at Anita Dongre, doing our usual WMG Red Carpet thing when Tarun Chawla snapped up some behind the scenes photos for me. Ofcourse I wasn’t going to let it just slide and make full use of these amazing images ! Theyr currently going over every single social media profile I own.

WMG_Red_00093 dress


What I’m wearing in the picture is my new favourite thing to wear . Its a maxi striped dress in cotton  from Koovs, and I paired them with sneakers from H&M which you may have spotted in my spain pictures from my Instagram  . I love wearing these on days where there is a lot of running around to do because then I can run from one place to the other without tumbling and falling on my face, while still looking like I put some sort of effort into getting dressed today.

Dress: Koovs (Rs 1300 /-)

Shoes: H&M (Rs 699/-)

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