Guest Review by AA

Product Claims – Can’t get enough of Strawberry? Get a fix of your favourite fruity scent in an eau de toilette format. Light and wearable. Sweet, fruity scent. Contains strawberry extract.

After trying (and thoroughly enjoying) the Body Shop’s Strawberry body butter, I wanted to buy something else from the same range. I decided on the eau de toilette. It comes in this girly pink, oh so cute bottle with a standard spritzing nozzle.


What this product reminds me of – strawberry ice cream, delectable candy, freshly plucked berries and relaxed spring picnics. The smell is a no-nonsense, simple strawberry one. No complexities, just a crisp, yummy fragrance that instills an instant burst of freshness. It is lively and happy-go-lucky. I use it so often that my friends and family have started associating strawberries with me ! (I could gobble up a box full of them in minutes without any qualms and grin like a cheshire cat after).


The scent lingers for about 4 hours. It is not overpowering. On the flip side, one might argue that there is only one note in it. No woody base notes, no sexy or sophisticated vibe and no spice. Some might even call it too girly, too young or too basic. Which is all true to some extent.

However, I prefer this one a lot more than floral fragrances (like rose). And I reserve my strong, non-girly and sensual perfumes for special occasions. If I had to rate fragrances the sexy, musky ones would be at the top, followed by fruity ones and plain floral ones would be at the very bottom. In a nutshell, the Body Shop’s Strawberry Eau De Toilette is my pleasant, casual, fun everyday sort of scent.


Pros :

  • Low key, summery fresh scent
  • With strawberry extract

Cons :

  • No hint of spice, very linear smell


Verdict – A +

Price – Rs.895 / 30ml

Recommendation – If you are partial to the sweet smell of strawberries, this will be a treat for your olfactory organs. Having said that if you prefer fragrances that are muskier or more woody, give this a skip.

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