Guest review by Surabhi K.

Beauty tools play a vital role in achieving a flawless base which is the MOST important step in makeup. When I started using makeup 6-7 years ago, I used to use regular sponges to blend in my foundation because brushes were too main stream for me. Slowly, I started experimenting with makeup, tools etc. When I first saw the beauty blender used by beauty gurus on YouTube, I was SOLD! I compared prices and availability and decided to buy one. After much research – pink, white or black, I finally decided to grab the pro i.e. the black one. Today I will be reviewing the most hyped and expensive beauty sponge of all.


About the product : It is a tear drop shaped sponge which is round at the bottom and pointed on the top. The round bottom is meant to be used on the face and the pointed end is used for the areas which are hard to reach i.e. inner corner of the eyes, corners of the nose etc. It is completely latex free and handmade ! The black Beautyblender is designed to give high coverage (to be used with high pigmented products). Beauty blenders can be used for blending in your foundation, concealer, applying blush, setting face powder – basically the only tool you need for your base.


Packaging : The beauty blender comes in a transparent plastic box  & a tiny guide which explains how to use it. The pro beauty blender is a black colored sponge which feels very bouncy. The plastic box has a small hole at the bottom for air ventilation and prevents the growth of bacteria when a damp blender is stored in it.

Texture : It is very porous and has an open cell structure which accommodates a small amount of water when wet. The open cell structure allows the blender to grow bigger so that the makeup product does not get absorbed in the blender, thus preventing wastage of product. The blender doubles in size when wet and gets more bouncy and squishy. It returns to its original size when it is air dried.

DSC03821Doubles in size when wet

close up texture of the beauty blenderTexture up close

How to Use : Beauty blenders are meant to be used damp. Dry blenders will never do the job of blending the product. First squeeze the blender 10-15 times under running water so that it doubles in size. After the blender is wet, take a tissue or a clean towel and squeeze out the excess water. Always use the blender in a bouncy or stippling motion. I like to apply my foundation on my face first and then bounce my blender over it. I never dip the blender in the product, this reduces wastage. For setting the base with powder I dampen the blender again, squeeze out the excess water and use it to avoid a cakey face (I learned this trick from Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat :p). After my makeup is done I just bounce the blender all over my face so that everything looks seamless.

Cleaning : Cleaning brushes and sponges is a big mission (at least for me). The brand offers liquid soap as well as a solid soap which you can buy individually to clean your blender. But I’m not too keen on spending money on a separate cleaning product. I wash my blender with Johnson’s baby shampoo. I like to soak my blender in a bowl of shampoo + water. After 20-30 minutes I wash it with clean water, repeating a couple of times to make sure there is no product in there. Cleaning the black blender is relatively easy and it does not stain.

foundation blend swatch

Pros :

  • Gives an airbrush look with minimal effort.
  • Can be used with almost all makeup products.
  • Doesn’t tear apart easily (I’ve been using mine for a year now and it still looks new)
  • Amazing texture.
  • Does not stain, even with use of highly pigmented products.
  • Travel friendly

Cons :

  • Expensive

Verdict : A +

Price : $ 20 (Rs.2000 on Nykaa and between 1400-2000 on Instagram stores)

Dupes : The closest (affordable) dupe I found has to be by PAC cosmetics. You can also try the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge.

Recommendation :  Go and grab the Beautyblender right away if you can spend this amount on a sponge. If you have relatives living abroad, ask them to get one for you!! I see no fault in the product except its high price.

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