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Guest review by Simran B (Skin type – Normal to dry, Skin tone – Light)

Hello everyone! Today I will be reviewing my all time favourite perfume, The Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Lavender Eau de Perfume.

Fragrance mood : Calming, Relaxing, Optimistic.

Claims : Green Tea Lavender creates a new, unique fragrance experience by adding a sense of calm to the refreshing and reinvigorating scent of Green Tea. The combination of soothing aroma of lavender and the lush freshness of green tea leaves transports you to a unique state of peace and optimism.


Packaging : The perfume bottle is packaged in a lavender coloured outer carton which is indeed gorgeous with patterns of lavender on it. The perfume bottle is purple in colour and is made of glass which doesn’t make it travel friendly.

What the perfume smells like :  As soon as I spritz the perfume on my pulse points, I can get a strong smell of green tea, lavender with a hint of musk. There is a trail of mint in the perfume. In the first few hours of using the perfume, the smell of green tea would be prominent and then the smell of lavender takes over. After 5-6 hours, you’re left with a citrus-musk fragrance.

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This fragrance is filled with the aroma of lavender, musk and slight citrus with a tinge of mint. It is perfect as a summer perfume, seeing that it’s not completely floral but leans more towards the spicy-musk side. This perfume really lightens up my mood owing to the relaxing fragrance and calming properties of lavender. This perfume is surely calming for you or anyone around you. The fragrance lingers for about 8-10 hours which makes it perfect for everyday use.

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Pros :

  • Longevity of the perfume
  • Strong spicy fragrance

Cons :

  • None that I can think of


Verdict : A +

Price : $ 29 or INR 1950 for 50ml of product.

(You can get it online for as low as INR 1500)

Recommendation : I would absolutely recommend this perfume to anyone who is a fan of non-floral perfumes. This perfume would last you a long time, seeing the quantity provided.

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