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Guest review by Simran B (Skin Type: Normal, Skin Tone: Light)

For years, the Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Eyeliner has been my go-to eyeliner . It lasts on your lids forever and is good for any college / office going girl. The brand launched it’s matte version which I have been using  for a while and will review today.

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Packaging: The packaging is similar to the Hyper Glossy eyeliner, except the fact that the tube of the liner is white in color. The product being really small can be carried anywhere. But make sure you secure the cap pretty tightly since the product dries off quickly.

My take on the product: I purchased the eyeliner simply because I was impressed by the Hyper Glossy version. It is jet black, matte and you can create the perfect wing or even a tiny line with the thin precise brush; it dries off within seconds of application. Be careful with the brush though, I dropped my brush clumsily and the bristles were completely destroyed.

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I am not too sure about the 24 hour claim made by the company, I’ve never used it for that long but I did use it for around 10 hours and it stayed put without flaking. It is completely waterproof and sweat proof, it won’t transfer on your lids. You can remove it using soap and water if you don’t really want to use makeup remover, it comes off in small flakes and won’t give you the ‘panda eyes’ when you take it off.

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When I bought my first bottle; it dried up within a month. I use eyeliner daily and the previous Hyper Glossy eyeliner bottles lasted me 2-3 months and the quantity offered was the same (3 gms). So I went ahead and purchased another bottle and the same thing happened again !

Upon asking my friends and searching online, I came to know that this is happening with everyone, the bottle dries within a month and you can’t really use the product to full capacity.

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  • Waterproof
  • Jet black & matte
  • Non transferable
  • Affordable


  • Product dries up in the bottle rapidly


Verdict : A

 Price : INR 325/- for 3 gms 

Recommendation : I recently purchased my 3rd bottle because I love the finish and longevity this product gives. It’s the best matte liquid eyeliner available in the Indian market. Hopefully the company does something about the product drying up quickly in the bottle.

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