Guest review by Surabhi K

Nail paint is like jewellery for the hands. It enhances the fingers and also makes them look nice and elongated. Earlier, I always thought there is no difference between nail enamel which costs 80 rupees and 300 rupees. After trying nail colors from 10 different brands, I realized there IS a difference. I wanted to try more formulas from several brands. O.P.I is known for the best formulas and I wanted to know what the hype was about. But unfortunately, very limited international brands are available in India. My friend was travelling to Hong Kong so I asked him to get me O.P.I nail paints. He got this Passport to Color exclusive travel set.



Packaging : 6 nail paints come in a red cardboard box with the brand name, product name, ingredients, shades description and a few nail art inspirations.  They are mini sized glass bottles with a black screw-on cap and contain 3.75 ml of product. The bottles have no shade names, so you have to refer to the box for it.

Texture : The colors go on smooth in one swipe. The formula is creamy and consistent. It gives a gel nail paint like finish.

Pigmentation : These nail colors are very opaque. They apply beautifully and are extremely pigmented.

T-B cajun shrimph, charged up cherry

Cajun shrimp (left), Charged up cherry (right)

Shades : The collection consists of 6 shades namely :-

Cajun Shrimp : PERFECT CORAL SHADE !! A very pretty shade that’s not neon-ish. This shade is universal and will compliment a wide variety of skin tones. It applies opaque in one single swipe and gives a gel finish. This color may look orange on a few skin tones.

Charged up cherry : A very beautiful hot pink-red.  This shade screams summer. It’s so beautiful and bright. I have so many reds and pinks in my collection but I always go back to this one. The shade is from the Brights range from O.P.I and gives a crème finish. It is very amazing quality and non-patchy. You just need one single swipe and you get world class pigmentation.

T-B tickle me france-y, passion

(L-R) Tickle my France-y, Passion

Tickle my France-y : A very cool toned grayish mauve shade. Absolutely love this one.  This color gives me Kim Kardashian nails. This color is from the classics collection from O.P.I. It is a crème finish nail lacquer.

Passion :  The lightest pale pink I’ve come across. It almost looks like a clear top coat. Passion is a gel based color. You need to layer it up 3-4 times to see the color payoff. It dries down quickly and gives a really nice glossy finish which I really love.

T-B lincoln park after dark, malaga wine

 (L-R) Lincoln park after dark, Malaga wine

Lincoln park after dark : A very deep blackberry purple which almost looks black after two coats. A perfect shade for the fall. It has a great consistency and applies smoothly. It gives a gel finish and comes under classic range of O.P.I.

Malaga Wine : STAR OF THE SET.  It is a purple tone red almost like Sangria. This particular shade will be loved by all – from lightest to deepest skin tone.  You just need to apply one swipe of it and that’s it. It is a perfect festive/bridal shade. It gives a gel finish and is from the classics range.


Pros :

  • Amazing formula/ quality
  • Does not chip for 5 days after application
  • Travel-friendly
  • Great pigmentation, dries quickly
  • The set has a great range of colors 

Cons :

  • Availability
  • Expensive
  • Can stain nails because of intense pigmentation.

Verdict : A 

Price : $ 35  ( I got it for 10 HKD  approx 1000 INR)

Recommendation : It’s the perfect set for someone who likes variety as it contains light & deep shades. My favourite shades from the range have to be CAJUN SHRIMP, CHARGED UP CHERRY and TICKLE MY FRANCE-Y. Let me know what your favourite shades from the collection are.

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