Trying to make your dream home become a reality is no small feat. Even a short trip to HomeCentre or FabIndia Home is enough to set your bank balance back a few zeros. #TheStruggleIsReal

So what can you do? Decor Hack it of course! P&B asked architect Sanjana Mathur of Studio Bipolar to recommend some and she happily agreed. Here are some architect approved decor hacks to help make your space one you love coming home to. Over to Sanjana :

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(1) Pattern Bombing is the way to go : Patterns and textures are a sure fire way to breathe some life into any dull space. Even a single statement piece packed with colours can act as a focal point for the entire room and draw you in. Instead of breaking the bank and buying tons of accessories to do this, you can give your existing furniture a fun makeover by reusing some fabric you already have! Aradhana from Limon Design uses traditional handwoven saris from all over the country for her custom made chairs and cushions. Traditional saris not only add a rich, earthy Indian element to your room, they are relatively easy to get a hold of (Hint : pay your mothers’ wardrobe a visit) . If you’re wary about mixing and matching all those colors and patterns, here’s a really cool guide to help you out. So get hold of your tailor and get to work!


(2) Hang some Art : Okay I know. This is a very cliche thing to say, and almost every article you’ll read on Home Decor hacks will have this. But only because it works. Art really does elevate the entire look of any room and if it wasn’t a teensy bit (ridiculously) expensive, we would all be living in make-shift art galleries. But here’s a fun hack to make it easier to own some : go online. Several art museums and galleries like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, have made high resolution images of most of their collection available for download. It takes a little patience, but finding the Rembrandt oil canvas you’ve always admired or that Rabindranath Tagore sketch is only a quick search away. After that, a trip to an art framers, a quick lesson on how to hang art, and you’re all set!


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(3) Conceal conceal conceal ! : If you’re living in a rental, campus hostel or a pg, you would be aware of the fact that a lot of the fixtures are ugly AF. I mean have you seen those switch-plates? Or those wall sconces? Have you ever seen anything so grimy or anything so plain yuck? Worry not, God gave us a way to overcome our hardships, and he called it washi tape. If you don’t already know, washi tape is a decorative Japanese masking tape that has become very popular in recent times. It is readily available in most stationery stores and online as well. Get some washi tape where the dominant color matches closely with the color of your wall. Try and make sure that the pattern on the tape is a small scale pattern, like tiny polka dots rather than large cartoons. This will help it blend better into the wall. Or you can go the opposite route! Spend an afternoon wrapping and covering all your worries away. And the best part? It readily peels off when it’s time for you to leave, which means no angry landlords or hostel wardens! Check out this post for step by step photos!


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(4) Decoding your Clutter : Somewhere along the way, after you swore to clean your room every Sunday night (lol), your clutter has taken over your entire space. Rather than drive yourself into a frenzy trying to get rid of as much as possible all at once, try to separate your clutter into groups. Colour coding is a good way to go. Try grouping books, bags and other knick-knacks by color on a bookshelf or side table. Including metallic hints like gold, silver and brass will add a luxurious element to your space. It will take some trial and error, but eventually beauty will emerge out of the chaos!


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(5) You’ve got to put Yourself out there! : A well designed space should give you happiness as you walk through it, and give your guests an insight into who you are as a person and where you come from. So how do you decor hack your way to that? Simple – go back to your roots! Visit your family and raid their store closets and locked up suitcases. Their forgotten treasures can become your showpieces. Your grandfather’s old typewriter, a collection of antique silver rings from your grandmother, a forgotten candid photo of your parents on their wedding day; all of it is a part of you and you should display it proudly!

Don’t forget, the best homes are the ones with happy people in it! So have fun decorating and don’t feel disheartened if it doesn’t come together all at once. Real homes are always a work in progress!


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