L'Oreal 6 oil in cream1

Guest Review by Papri Ganguly

As my scalp is oily I don’t prefer using hair oil on a regular basis. As a result, my hair tends to get very frizzy during the monsoon season. I have been searching for a good yet affordable product for my hair and finally ended up with L’oréal Paris 6 oil nourish Oil-in-Cream. It is an oil replacement cream.

Claims : Enriched with 6 protective nutritive oils : Argan, Olive, Almond, Coconut, Jojoba, Camelina. It melts into your scalp and hair to deliver nourishment without hassle. Non greasy, non- sticky, no stain. Doesn’t weigh hair down. Leaves an alluring fragrance. Hair is 3x shinier and softer. It helps control frizz even in humid conditions, it also contains UV filters known to protect hair from the sun.

L'Oreal 6 oil in cream2

Usage direction : 

  1. Overnight – Massage on scalp and hair and leave it overnight for intense nourishment.
  2. Before shampoo – Leaves for 30 minutes on hair and rinse off for ultimate softness.
  3. After shampoo – Apply on lengths and tips to keep your hair manageable and protected all day.

Packaging : It comes in a beautiful golden tube with black flip open cap on the top. It closes down with a click sound which makes it easy to carry around while traveling.

L'Oreal 6 oil in cream4

Smell : It has a floral + fruity kind of smell which is very pleasant to the senses.

Consistency : The formula is very lightweight. Its consistency is soft and creamy. The white coloured cream glides easily on the hair and gets absorbed in seconds.

L'Oreal 6 oil in cream5

I used it in all 3 ways as directed. First, I gently massaged the product into my hair before going to bed, leaving it overnight. In the morning, I felt that my hair became very soft to touch. The best part was that it didn’t stain my pillows. Then I washed my hair with shampoo and again applied it as a leave in conditioner. It made my hair look healthy, shiny and softer than before. On the days I did not use it overnight, I simply applied it 1 hour before shampoo and washed my hair. After that I applied it on the lengths and tips of my hair as a serum.

I really like using it as a leave in conditioner, it keeps my hair manageable and frizz free for a longer period of time. It noticeably reduces the tangles in my hair. It also keeps my hair smelling fresh during the humid months. It doesn’t feel oily / greasy or sticky at all.

L'Oreal 6 oil in cream9

Though the product is said to contain the goodness of 6 oils, it isn’t completely chemical free. So it can never become a true replacement for hair oil. So I make sure I apply my regular coconut hair oil once a week before shampoo.

L'Oreal Paris 6 oil nourish oil in cream 7

Pros :

  • Enriched with 6 oils – Argan, Olive, Almond, Coconut, Jojoba, Camelina.
  • Light weight oil in cream form.
  • Affordable, easily available.
  • Travel friendly packaging.
  • Doesn’t feel oily or greasy, Non sticky formula.
  • Keeps hair frizz free
  • Smells good, gives UV protection.

Cons :

  • Contains harmful chemicals and mineral oils
  • Not a true replacement for regular hair oil.
  • Doesn’t do anything for hair fall or other issues.


Verdict : B

Price : Rs.80 / 100ml and Rs.135 / 200ml

Recommendation : As it noticeably reduces frizz and the tangles in my hair, I will use this in the long run. I think the best way to use it is as a leave in conditioner on lengths and tips (not on the scalp) which gives the best results. As it contains chemicals, it may not be good for overnight treatments. Overall, I really like the product and would recommend it to girls who have frizzy, non-manageable hair.

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