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If you are new to makeup, chances are you might be a little overwhelmed by all the choices in the market. As a beginner you have to start your collection from square one and are also looking for items that are easy to use / fuss free. To make your makeup shopping a tad bit easier we asked professional makeup artist Aakriti Kochar to give us a few tips. Over to Aakriti :

Makeup Products a beginner should invest in – When buying makeup for the first time or at least the first few times, adapt a test and trial method. This saves you from wasting a lot of money and you only buy selective products that you actually end up using. My Top 5 recommendations for a newbie will be –

  1. A black kohl/eyeliner preferably in pencil form for easy application – matte jet black. It is smooth and easy to apply, also if one goes wrong it is easy to remove / correct compared to a liquid eyeliner or a gel based eyeliner which is applied using a brush.
  2. A volumising Mascara to bring out the best of your eyes. This is the best way to start with defining your features till you understand more about makeup and get used to putting some colors once this is a cake walk.
  3. A soft peach/ rose blush for day time is the perfect way to add some color to your face without overdoing it. Apply it to the apple of your cheeks and sweep outwards along your cheekbones.
  4. A subtle bronzer for evenings is a must as it adds just the right amount of color and shine with that glamour quotient to your face.
  5. A neutral lip color in liquid or mousse form to start with is a good idea.

Don’t over spend on your first visit to a cosmetics store. It is very alluring at first but be smart and pick one color in each – blush, eye shadow, eye liner and basic products mentioned above. Once you have the technique and practice, slowly build up your kit as per your suitability.

What to avoid ? Avoid using a very dark bronzer or contour powder at first. Get comfortable with makeup before trying out bold products/looks. Blending eye shadow colors specially shimmer based ones at the start can be a bit challenging and one might not be too happy with the results at first. Keep in mind that color combinations and textures must vary according to one’s skin tone and features.


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