Guest review by Aakanksha Varma (Skin type : Normal-Dry, Skin tone : NC30)

Although I’ve been blessed with skin that behaves itself always (thanks Mum!), there’s one thing I have noticed. As I grow older there is increasing dryness around my eyes. Last winter, this problem became intense and forced me out of the blissful world of doing nothing to take care of my skin. I was forced to acknowledge that my skin will not, in fact, stay flawless forever without any effort. Eyes are often the first area where signs of aging start showing because the skin there is thinner and more sensitive. Flakiness around the eyes and resultant irritation is a common problem, with a quick enough solution. A simple, moisturizing eye cream is a must in your skin care routine after college. This year, I’m fully prepared with this cream from Clinique and will hopefully, the great texture and luxurious feeling of using it will prevent me from being too lazy to use an eye cream.


What Clinique Says: “Moisture-rich eye cream diminishes the look of undereye circles, shadows, fine lines-instantly and over time. De-puffs, calms with botanicals. Helps boost natural collagen production. Strengthens skin’s moisture barrier against common irritants. Ophthalmologist Tested.”



Clinique All About Eyes Rich is an eye cream of the thick variety, meant for dry to very dry skin. It sits heavy on the eyes for a few moments and takes some time to be absorbed. It is the kind of cream you cannot use in the summer in this country. This cream had become an absolute must in my winter skin care routine. After only two days of using it, my under eye area was so soft and silky I couldn’t stop touching it. It definitely makes my skin look healthier and livelier. I can’t say much about the puffiness-reducing qualities of this since my dark circles are not puffy. As for reducing dark circles, it does somewhat but that’s more because the eyes are rested as a result of the moisture than anything else. I don’t believe any cream can reduce darkness.

Clinique All About Eyes Rich 2

All About Eyes Rich is a thicker version of the regular silicone-based All About Eyes, which has a silkier texture. If you have oily/combination skin, that’s the version for you.

Like all Clinique products, this eye cream is fragrance free.


  • Extremely moisturizing and soothing
  • Requires a very small amount to do the job
  • Doesn’t irritate eyes
  • Non-greasy


  • Super Expensive (though not as much as other high-end brands)
  • Jar packaging. A pump bottle would be more hygienic.


Verdict : A

Price: Rs. 4350 for 30 ml / Rs. 2700 for 15 ml

Recommendation : If you suffer from dry and dehydrated skin, Clinique All About Eyes is your new best friend in the cold weather. It is extremely moisturizing without being greasy or irritating the eyes. It’s also cheaper than other good, effective high-end eye creams.

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