Guest review by AA

From the brand : Transform your look in an instant with Batiste dry shampoo. Its the perfect quick fix for great looking hair, even between washes. A few quick bursts leave hair looking clean and fresh with added body and texture. No water required !

Ingredients : Butane, Isobutane, Propane, Rice starch, Alcohol Denat, Fragrance, Distearyldimonium Chloride, Centrimonium Chloride.


Packaging : The dry shampoo comes in a spray bottle with a plastic cap and a regular spritzing nozzle. The 50 ml bottle is a travel sized version that can be carried around easily. The other full sized version is 200 ml (Rs.649).

Fragrance : This is the fruity and cheeky “Cherry” variant. It is mild and fruity, not overpowering and does not linger for long. Just helps in freshening up hair. The other variant is floral and flirty “Blush”.


It is not practical or advisable to shampoo everyday. Sometimes between washes, my hair around the crown area gets greasy and limp. My scalp is oily & hair ends are dry and frizzy, which do not help the situation at all. If your hair is like mine then you must invest in a dry shampoo. Essentially it is a fine spray with a white tint. (Batiste also has a brown tinted variant for INR 749)

Application : After shaking the bottle, one has to spritz it from a distance; sectioning off strands of hair and covering the roots. It is lightweight, easy to apply and fuss free. The last step is to massage it into the roots with your fingers. This blends the product and soaks up excess oil. It has rice starch that is responsible for eliminating greasiness from hair. There isn’t any white remnant left after massaging it in.

Effectiveness : The dry shampoo does what it claims. It temporarily freshens up hair and lends a decent amount of fluff. Having said that, it is not a substitute for the good old shampoo + conditioner routine. It is a good pick me up for the hair, but in my case I have to reapply the next day as effects don’t last for more than a day. Also if I’m not careful and get some on hair ends, it doesn’t blend completely and looks like there’s a white powdery layer on it.



Pros :

  • Great quick fix for emergencies
  • Easy to apply, saves time
  • Now available in India
  • Brown tinted variant available (no white cast)

Cons :

  • Temporary, not a substitute for hair wash
  • May not work for extremely oily hair
  • Leaves white cast if not applied properly

Verdict : A-

Price : Rs.299 / 50 ml

Recommendation : In a nutshell, if you don’t have time for a hair wash this is the next best thing. It doesn’t take long to apply and no water is required. Batiste has many options to choose from – Travel & full sized, Regular & scented, White & brown tinted. A cheat every girl should have to get her out of sticky (or greasy) situations !

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