Guest review by Akanksha

I’m sure you’ve heard of Ciaté, the brand that makes the cutest nail polish bottles with little bows on them. They also have a “Treatment Collection” with 14 products including Nail super hero, Nail goddess, matte top coat, base coat, cuticle oil etc. Nail Quench / Nail Guard (Nail Pen) for dehydrated brittle nails is one of them.

Claims : Nail guard not only works as a vitamin, collagen and bamboo extract packed nurturing nail treatment but also acts as a base coat to give nails a glossy boost, for hydrated and healthy looking nails. The multi vitamin compound strengthens and fortifies nails, while Vitamin E nourishes, prevents dehydration and increases elasticity.

Directions of Use : Apply across the nail bed. Ideal as a base coat to smoothen the nail’s surface, leaving a natural glossy shine.


Packaging : The product looks like a cute chubby white marker ! I have never used a nail product that has a pen-like tip or applicator and to be quite honest, it is very exciting to use.

Fragrance : It has a light fragrance, not unpleasant but does linger on the nails. If you’re someone who doesn’t like scented nail products, you might want to skip this.



It is so so easy to apply; I don’t have to concentrate at all and the end result is still a neat, thin, shiny layer of transparent polish on my nails. Less than a minute for application (smooth and error free) and a very fast drying time makes this my hero. The pen is handy and can be carried around in a handbag. There is no risk of breaking bottles and it can be applied during your daily commute. The brand also recently launched nail polishes in marker form !

It works well as a base coat. I paint my nails often and there was no yellowing whatsoever when I used this product underneath. Also, my nails weren’t as dry as they used to get earlier when I used nail polish remover.

Effectiveness : When applied alone it gives the nails a pretty, glossy and professionally manicured look. The product gets absorbed within 1-2 days, leaving the nails nourished. It does a decent job of hydration but girls with really dry/ brittle nails might find its effects to be minimal.


Pros :

  • Works as a base coat protecting nails from staining
  • Unique pen applicator
  • Easy (and fun) to use
  • No spillage or fuss, takes very little time to apply and dry
  • Travel friendly

Cons :

  • Expensive


Verdict : A+

Price : Rs.1300 / 3 ml

Recommendation : The USP is definitely the pen-tip applicator. An amazing base coat for nail art aficionados with an added bonus of nail nourishment. If you’re looking to treat extremely dry and fragile nails, this may fall short. And it is quite a splurge.

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