When it comes to home decor, we’re always on the lookout for new inspiration. And what better way to do it than taking a sneak peek inside an Interior Stylist’s home ? In this feature, we’re exploring Rubina’s home – a journalist in the initial years then a creative producer; now an interior decorator and owner of The House of Rubina (Home accessories and Furniture store in Gurgaon). We absolutely love how she’s styled her terrace garden and the exposed brick walls lend such a rustic charm to the whole place. Also the entire sum of earnings from her business are utilized for the care and upkeep of the street dogs she’s rescued with her husband. Isn’t that wonderful ?

Rubina says, “This is a barsaati I built as my husband, my stray / desi rescued dogs and I live on the ground floor. We needed a space to entertain guests so I built these tiny make-shift nooks of rooms for the same. One serves as my dining room and the other as my living. There is also a terrace garden as open sitting.

Living Room



The furniture has been designed by me, as I am an interior decorator myself. All the cushions are from Sarita Handa who is also my brand alliance partner. 100% earnings from my interior styling business go to the tending of my 46 street dogs that my husband and I have rescued and who live with us now. This business has been put up for that very cause. That is its sole purpose.

Terrace Garden



The tableware in the dining room is from Good Earth and Elvy. I also provide a Party table service (concept table settings) called “Rooh” in collaboration with the brand Elvy. And the cause behind this service remains the same, my rescued stray dogs ! I don’t have a favourite corner as such, I love every bit of these two rooms and the terrace. It’s all too close to my heart for me to have a favourite spot ! I am proud of it all ! I built it from scratch and it’s an extension of who I am !”

Dining Room 


What is your favourite part of Rubina’s home ? Tell us by commenting below. Has any part of it inspired you too ? We personally love the step ladder in the living room that has candles, a potted plant, crockery, a “Dreamer” photo frame and other little knick knacks. Also love the large decorative mirrors in both rooms !

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