Guest review by Papri Ganguly  (Skin type: Combination to oily, Skin tone: Fair)

This year was a blast for Maybelline. They launched new products back to back so there would always be nice surprises every time I visited the Maybelline counter. From a new foundation to eye shadow palettes, blushes, matte lip crayons and now contouring products as well. Heavy duty foundations make the face look dimensionless and flat, so you have bring back the dimension by adding some colors to the face. This is where we need a good contouring product. High end contouring products are quite expensive so I was very excited to get my hands on the Maybelline V-Face Duo Powder in the shade Light Medium (it is my first ever contouring product).


Packaging : The powder comes in a round plastic case like any other compact powder along with an applicator blush and mirror attached inside. The product has two shades which are placed like the letter “V” hence the name. The case further comes in a plastic box. The case and the box both carry all the relevant information like usage direction, shade name etc. The packaging is so compact and sleek that it can be comfortably carried around in a handbag.

Shade : This product has two shades – one is for contouring and the other is for highlighting. The contouring shade is medium dark brown in color which is applied to create shadows where needed (such as in hollows of the cheek, jaw line, temples and forehead).

The highlighting shade is pale white in color, exactly like a compact powder with finely milled shimmer particles in it. The shimmer doesn’t glow that much but adds a nice sheen to the skin. The highlighter is applied at the highest points of our face to reflect light (the cheekbones, between the brows, brow bones, tip of nose, cupid’s bow and chin).



Usage direction : The Maybelline V-face duo powder can be used in 3 ways.

  1. Swirl the brush all over and use as a compact powder.
  2. Apply contouring shade along jaw bone
  3. Apply the highlighting shade to T-zone, under eyes and on your chin.

Pigmentation : The product is decently pigmented. You have to swipe the brush 3-4 times to pick up the color. The contouring shade is one tone darker than my skin tone so it doesn’t really show up in one application. The coverage is buildable though. You have to layer the product slowly to get the desired results. The highlighting shade doesn’t really reflect light but adds a subtle, muted glow to the face.


Texture and formula : The texture is just like a compact powder which blends easily into the skin. The contouring shade is completely matte. Both the shades are quite blendable and the formula is nice and powdery which doesn’t cake up the face. The color looks natural on the face. The product doesn’t clog pores so it doesn’t break me out. I think the product would work better as a setting powder for cream contour and liquid highlighters.

Staying power : The color stays on me for a good 5 hours, after that it needs touch ups. I would suggest wearing a good primer underneath and applying a makeup setting spray to increase the wear time.


Pros :

  • Affordable, easily available and travel friendly
  • Both shades are effortlessly buildable and blendable.
  • Looks natural on the face.
  • Doesn’t cake up and clog pores
  • Decent staying power.
  • The highlighter is not over the top so it can be worn at work.

Cons :

  • Colors are not that pigmented, they need to be layered on
  • The contouring shade should have been cooler toned / gray rather than simply brown.
  • Texture is more on the powdery side, it would be better if they add some creaminess to it.
  • Available only in two shades.


Verdict : B

Price : Rs.500 for 8.5 gm

Recommendation : Overall I am not too happy with the product but I can’t ask for more at such an affordable price tag. I think this shade would work well only for fair girls even-though it is named light medium. I would highly recommend using this powder to set cream contour, which would give you a better result for sure. If anyone is looking for something to wear on a daily basis then this one will be a good option otherwise for heavy or dramatic looks I would suggest the Medium dark shade.

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