Guest review by Akanksha

From the brand : Defy conventions with Red Musk™ Fragrance Mist. A light, fresh version of our distinctly different fragrance, combining spiced musk with hot notes of cinnamon and intense tobacco. • No flowers – just a bold blend of musk and spice • Contains cruelty-free musk • Light and refreshing fragrance • Enriched with Community Fair Trade Alcohol from Ecuador.

For those who are bored of strawberry, citrus, jasmine, lavender and rose scents this comes as a breath of fresh air. The packaging is very appealing to the eye. The fragrance itself is cozy, woody and a little mysterious. I fell this scent is much more complex than the White Musk one by the same brand.



Top Notes : The mist has a strong spicy and peppery top note. What intrigued me about this fragrance was that it had absolutely no floral or fruity scent whatsoever. Girls who like sexy and warm fragrances will definitely love this.

Middle Note : Cinnamon (the main player) gives the scent a warm and sweet dimension. Not sickly sweet or sugary, just enough to make it a balanced, sophisticated feminine scent. If you don’t like cinnamon then you’d probably want to skip this product.

Base notes : The dry down is a note of musk and tobacco which is such a unique combination. Very grown up, mature and wearable. The fragrance is not linear like many girly scents are.

Overall, I think it is bold without being overpowering so it can be applied during the day too. The mist has average staying power. You will have to top it off whenever necessary. I’d say the scent lingers for about 4 hours. If you’d like to try the stronger, more concentrated version go for the EDP or EDT.



Pros :

  • No floral or fruity notes
  • Interesting spicy, musky scent
  • Easily available online

Cons :

  • Expensive


Verdict : A

Price : Rs.1195 / 100 ml

Recommendation : If you’re on the hunt for a non-girly, warm and spicy fragrance then look no further. The Body Shop Red Musk fragrance mist is unusual yet alluring and perfect for the winter season !

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