If you follow me on Instagram, you would know now that I am a serial wedding attendee. Like seriously, it seems like every 2 seconds, there is a new wedding being announced in my extended Fam-Bam. And serious  attendees like me need wardrobes that are versatile and different (because god forbid you repeat your outfits in back to back family weddings) and don’t break the bank. So when I posted these pics with my mum a lot of you guys went ooh-ing and aah-ing over the outfits and I thought hey, let me tell you how easy peasy these were.

Just as an FYI- my mom has got like 101 sarees from her wedding  trousseau and she is a compulsive saree-cutter.  She keeps trying to mix and match and cut them up into like shararas and suits and what not. Its the most bizarre thing, its like every time I go home – there it is – a sharara that was formally a saree neatly hung in her wardrobe.

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So I was browsing stores in Hyderabad on a trip there and I really wanted some nice banarsi dupattas. I spotted this one, and while I didn’t love it , It was such a steal at 2500 /- Rs that I couldn’t resist. (What followed was me going to another shop where I fell in love with a kanjeevaram dupatta at 11,000/- and bought that too, but lets not go there). Then, I came home, bought white georgette fabric , got it died and took it to my local tailor. (Actually, my moms local tailor. I think she contributes o 60% of his business. He even told me this time- that because of her work he had to leave his daughters wedding early !!!). So he stitched this into an anarkali, and since I didn’t have the time to look for matching churidars (the wedding functions started in 2 days) , I just wore a red skirt underneath so it looked layered.

Total cost: Round about 7000/-

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Moms Outfit

You know how recently Raisons was on sale? You don’t? Well that means you are not an Indian wear stalker like my family is. Well, it was- and it has the prettiest banarsi dupattas. My mom went on a bit of a splurge and she bought her dupatta for a whopping 15000/- . Yep. But honestly, once you look at it , its so unique its worth every penny ! The only thing is – these silk dupattas add volume and my mom tries to run away from any type of volume unless its hair related (or Abba song related). So while she got an Anarkali in gold made with it, we bought 5 metres of this brightly embroidered border from a local shop. We turned it into a belt by asking the tailor to attach velcro on it , Then we pleated the dupatta into one thick strip and attached it to her shoulder. Then we flared it out over her tummy and tucked it into her belt. Yayie. Modern , new, sleek banarsi dupatta done.

Price: 22000/-

Signing off with this fail of a photograph


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