Guest Review by Sreeparna Ganguly (Skin type- Combination to oily, acne-prone; Skin tone- Fair)

Claims : This range consists of four tinted lip balms with SPF; Vivid Peach, Striking Orange, Beaming Violet and Pink Alert. Infused with bright pigments for a bright pop of lively color & Caring moisturizing formula with Vit E, Jojoba oil and Shea butter helps shed away rough dryness for supple smooth and protected lips all day.

Directions for Use : Turn the base 1-2 times for usage. Reapply when lips are exposed to strong sun, wind or cold for maximum protection.



Packaging : The lip balm comes in a sleek and shiny twist-up bullet. The packaging is quite similar to the colour changing lip balms by Maybelline. The bullet is colour coded; in this case it is bright coral. Like other Baby lips products, this one also has a cardboard outer pack which mentions claims, usage instructions, shelf life, ingredients etc. Overall the packaging is easy-to-carry, looks classy and vibrant.

Shade : This lip balm has a warm-toned coral tint to it. The colour is very vibrant and joyous. It brightens up the complexion regardless of the undertone. It seems like the perfect summer shade.

Pigmentation : I am very impressed with the pigmentation this lip balm gives. The colour-payoff is comparable to sheer lip-colours. The Spiced Up! range of Baby Lips also has this kind of intense pigmentation.  The true colour comes out in 1-2 swipes for less-pigmented lips and for pigmented lips 2-3 swipes would be enough.



Texture : This lip balm has a smooth texture. It is moderately moisturising. Its moisturizing power is lesser than the Spiced Up! range and kind of comparable to the Electro Pop range of Baby Lips. The formula gives a nice tingling sensation as I apply it on my lips. It takes 1-2 hours to die down. It makes me feel fresh and reminds me of summer.

Fragrance : Most Baby Lips lip balms have a berry, fruity or bubblegum fragrance but this one is an exception. This lip balm has fresh mint fragrance which lifts up my mood every time I use it. The smell stays for 2 hours in its faintest form and then goes away completely.

Staying Power : This lip balm remains as it is for 3-4 hours after application. After that it starts to fade evenly. The moisture and a slight hint of the tint lasts up to 7-8 hours. Due to its medium consistency, creasing is negligible if you apply 3 swipes.

Effectiveness : I am a huge fan of the Baby Lips range. Whenever Maybelline launches a new set of them, I am sure to get one. This time I got this coral shade. I do not like to wear corals and oranges for day-to-day purposes. This one I bought for its alluring packaging. I did not know what to expect but the warmth of the shade lights up my face every time I use it. It gives a mild tingling sensation which I like very much. The colour payoff is good, but not over the top. So, it can be easily used at the workplace. Its moisturizing power is perfect for humid summer. It moisturizes the lips without feeling heavy. Quantity wise, the price seemed a bit higher than other Baby Lips. But I don’t mind paying those extra bucks for the colour intensity, staying power and moisturizing feel of it.


Pros :

  • Bright warm-toned coral shade
  • Impressive colour-payoff & SPF 13
  • Suits every skin-tone
  • Fresh mint fragrance
  • Eye-candy packaging
  • Full ingredients list mentioned

Cons :

  • Moisturizing power is lesser than other Baby lips variants
  • Quantity wise, priced higher than other variants with similar colour pay-off


Verdict : A-

Price : INR 190 for 1.9 gm

Recommendation : I would recommend this Vivid Peach shade of Maybelline Baby Lips Bright Out Loud! range to anyone who is searching for a lip balm with an intense coral tint and SPF for daily use. Girls who usually shy away from orange lip colours should try it as well!

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