Guest Review by Sreeparna Ganguly (Skin type- Combination to oily, acne-prone; Skin tone- Fair)

The Aҫai Berry Face Mask is from the ‘Firming’ range of The Face Shop’s Real Nature sheet masks. In today’s review, I will present a comparative view of this with The White Tea sheet mask reviewed earlier.

Claims : “The elasticity mask sheet anthocyanin-rich Aҫai Berry essence fills skin with elasticity inside and out. (Drenched with emulsified moisturizing serum/ Formula without added parabens)”

Packaging & Appearance : The Aҫai Berry sheet mask comes in a light pastel red sealed sachet. It is a plastic sachet with semi-matte finish. The front side of the sheet mask bears attractive label graphics showing a bowl of Aҫai Berries from which rich syrup is dripping. On the back of the sachet, is some useful information regarding the product (the claims, usage instructions, ingredients etc.) mentioned in multiple languages. The sachet needs to be cut to take out the use-and-throw sheet mask. Overall, the packaging is user-friendly and very convenient to use.



Inside the sachet, you will find a serum-saturated sheet mask. The sheet is made up soft cotton and is white in colour. The serum is a transparent liquid slighter thicker than normal alcohol-free toners. However, its consistency is lighter than The White Tea variant that makes it a nice choice for every skin type.

Fragrance : The clear serum of this mask has a distinctive berry fragrance. The scent has a sweetness to it that gives an instant boost of freshness. The fragrance is not too strong to overpower the senses. The top note of the smell goes off after sometime leaving behind a mild hint.

Effectiveness : The berry flavour is my favourite among all the fruity fragrances. That is why I opted for this particular variant from the ‘Firming’ range, eventhough I do not have mature skin that needs firming. To me it’s more of a ready-to-use solution that can be used to imitate the effects of luxurious salon facials at home. I wear this face mask after my regular cleansing and exfoliating ritual. I let it stay put for 20 minutes and then I massage the excess serum on my skin as per the directions suggested by the brand. Like my previous White Tea mask, this mask also provides noticeable effects instantly. I wanted to prep my skin for a special occasion and I am satisfied with the result I got. My skin looked plump and glowing. This effect took 3 days to wear off and my skin came back into its original form. Like the previous one, it also did not cause any irritation or acne outburst on my skin. For my skin type, it did not feel heavy during winter but my experience says it will make my skin very oily in summer.



Pros :

  • Fuss free product
  • Smells like fresh berries
  • Gives plump and hydrated skin
  • Enriched with the goodness of aҫai berry and grapefruit
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Paraben-free formula

Cons :

  • Effect is temporary
  • Not entirely free from chemicals


Verdict : A+

Price : INR 100 for 1 Sachet

Recommendation : I will recommend this face mask to anyone who wants a replenishing and hydrating sheet mask to plump up the skin. Its USP is that it is affordable and easy to use.

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