Decorating a home takes vision, aesthetic sensibility, creativity and most of all money. But what if we told you that you can prettify your abode without spending big bucks while also giving it some character and personality ? Yes, it can be done and Mourvi shows us how.

Mourvi says, “The minute I saw the natural light and white walls of this apartment, I wanted to live here. I am obsessed with bright colours and prints and this space was a delight to fill up. I fell in love with this yellow couch and planned everything else around it.


I’ve just moved to Bangalore, and furnishing an entire apartment in one go is expensive business. While decorating, I was majorly driven by financial constraints and I think my apartment looks better for it. I let go of some things I wanted to buy – a bright Moroccan rug, an ikat printed wing chair – and substituted them with cheaper items like the chatai on the floor (that I bought for just 180 rupees!), and the khaat in the corner bought from a street seller. I am so glad I made those decisions!


I love reading but I have moved so often in the last few years that I’ve not been able to bring my books with me to any of these new spaces. To compensate for a book-less apartment, I’ve been consciously buying art prints with text on them to have as many words on my walls as possible. The wall also represents my slightly nomadic existence. The prints have been bought from all over the world, representative of places I’ve lived in, or travelled to. I have a few more waiting to be hung, including some calligraphy ones designed from lines from my favourite poetry.


Yellow Couch : Urban Ladder

Coffee Table : Urban Ladder

Pink Ottoman : The Wishing Chair

Rug/Chatai : From my local neighbourhood market in Bangalore.

Blue and White Lamp : A Little bit of Fabulous, Indiranagar, Bangalore

Khaat : Local Bangalore street seller

Breakfast-nook Table and Chairs : Urban Ladder

Prints on the wall : From all over the place. I’ve been collecting them over many,
many years, buying prints while traveling, picking up pieces representative of cities
that I’ve lived in, some are pages torn out of books and framed. Each one is like a memory.
A lot of the Indian art is from Dilli Haat in Delhi.

Paper Murals : Dilli Haat, Delhi

Pots and Plants : Timri, Indiranagar

Wall Cloth panel : Picked up while traveling in Vietnam

Black and white lamp : Dilli Haat, Delhi

If I had to give a piece of advice to others planning to decorate their home, it’ll be – Decorate to please yourself. If it looks good to you, it will look good to everybody else. Don’t try to fit your home within a specific décor style or period or trend. Letting your personality shine through your space is the easiest and best way to do it.”

We love the cheerful yellow couch & the Dishoom cushion. What did you like most about Mourvi’s living room ?

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