Planning on redecorating your home ? It’s not necessary that it has to cost a bomb. If you’re looking for something personalized, unique and a definite conversation starter, we’ve got the perfect thing for you ! In this feature, we asked Dhrishni of Little Brush to tell us how she brightened up her living space with some ordinary items and a lot of creativity.

Dhrishni says, “The showcase is an actual bookshelf but for the size of it, to stack only books in it made it seem a tad bit dull to me. So, I thought of adding colours to it. I am an artist and love to add colours to spaces like these. The bottles that I usually paint were lying on my study table and I wanted a beautiful corner to showcase them. That was the prime reason for using this bookshelf, it was perfect for my need.

I purchased the bookshelf from Urban Ladder. All the bottles are used beer/ wine bottles that are otherwise thrown out post a house party.



Your home is your very own personal space and you can experiment with it the way you want. I have always felt that burning cash on big show pieces is a total waste because to they look beautiful for a while, but after a point they tend to look boring. So why not add your own personal touch to it ? Painted bottles can be very useful. You can make a vase out of it, a pen holder, or even as lamps. Saves a lot of money and makes your space look exceptionally colourful and beautiful.

The two bottles that you see above the shelf are wine bottles as well. They have been covered in a collage of comic strips and been glued over it to give it a glossy touch. The whole shelf has been strategically placed by the main entrance and adjacent to the sofa area, so that any one who enters the house notices it in the first place. For me, this creative shelf stands tall as something that makes the entire hall bright. Against the pale white walls, these colours come out to look vivid and fresh. Place a nice floor lamp by it, and that would look amazing as well.”


Inspired much ?

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