Guest review by Gurpreet

Eye liner pencils are a little tricky to work with especially if they are dry and transferable. Often creating a tug of war during application on the eyelids. Between all the eye pencils I’ve used, Colorbar I-glide pencils did stunning work according to me with smooth application and adorable pigmentation.

MAC Pearl Glide intense eyeliner is an eye pencil that provides rich, luxurious color with a touch of shimmer and sparkle in a greyish black or dull black color. MAC offers different shades in this range like petrol blue, designer purple, undercurrent green, lord it up brown etc. Since I consider Black to the most wearable color for most occasions I picked this one up. I also loved the fact that the shimmers were so adorable and did not spread over my eyelids after few hours of application. They looked neat even when worn in the day time. Though the eyeliner is Ophthalmologist tested I do not prefer to apply it on my waterline due to presence of shimmer.



Packaging : It comes in a wooden pencil format with a plastic cap. One end of the pencil has the shade of the pencil color. Usually the body of the pencil is in greyish black color with a dark grey cap. Since the one I have picked up was a special edition for a festival the external packaging is blue. The pencil can be easily sharpened using any sharpener to get a sharp tip for application.

Shade : The most beautiful dull black color that one can find. The shimmers are fine silver colored. They are really minute and not chunky. The shade is sure to be liked by everyone and can be easily worn during day time without looking over the top or jazzy. The eyeliner alone is sufficient to complete the eye make up for the evening matched with a contrasting lipstick and a hue of blush.

Formula : A smooth and creamy formula that glides on for a perfectly intense line. Its soft texture is easily blendable. The formula is comparable to the Colorbar I-glide pencils. The pencil moves on the eyelids like a charm and sets within seconds. One needs to be really quick to smudge the pencil upon application as it’s difficult to smudge once the eyeliner is set. A single swipe offers good amount of pigmentation without any tugs or pulls.


Lasting power : It is one of the best I have used till date that does not smudge or fade and stays intact until removed with a remover. The eyeliner does not transfer to the lids even if they are extra oily. I have used it for more than 12 hours and am super happy with its lasting power.


Pros :

  • Excellent pigmentation
  • Long lasting
  • Smudge proof
  • Shimmer isn’t chunky

Cons :

  • Expensive


Verdict : A+

Price : Rs. 1450

Recommendation MAC Pearl Glide intense Eyeliner Black Swan is a long lasting, smudge proof, dull black pencil eyeliner with fine silver shimmers which is creamy and glides on beautifully on the eyelids.

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