Guest Review by Gurpreet

I love eye makeup and keep watching tutorials and videos to learn the art and practice it. Though the techniques look simple and I have been able to recreate the looks, I’ve found that within an hour or so my eye makeup would be all over the place, creased out or faded. I tried a lot of eye shadow bases from different brands but they failed miserably on my extremely oily eye lids. Though the eye shadow bases made the eye shadow colors pop out really well they did not have any lasting effect and would soon crease. During my visit to the MAC store I picked up this product on high recommendation from the SA.


Packaging : The packaging is in the form of a thin black tube with a threaded cap. One needs to press the tube to push out the needed product. I personally try pushing the tube a bit so that the product oozes out and use a clean spatula to take out the needed quantity of the product. That way I feel that I am able to control the quantity of the product and hence avoid wastage.

Shade : It comes in one shade and works perfectly well in the form of a primer to keep the eye shadows intact and also gives a clean base for neater application.



Formula : Its a light pinkish brown colored cream which appears creamy initially but dries quickly to powdery finish on application. One needs to apply a very small quantity and spread it all over the eye lids. The primer gives a neat canvas for eye makeup. It has the best formula to control oil on the eyelids and make eye shadows stay without creasing for a very long time. It is light weight and hence does not feel heavy on application.

Application : Apply all over eyelid. Allow to dry for a minute before the application of eye makeup.

Lasting power : The lasting power of this product is commendable. I have tried wearing the eye makeup using this for about 10 hours easily. The eye makeup remained intact without any form of smudging or bleeding. However the product claims the lasting power to be up to 24 hours.



Pros :

  • Slim and travel friendly packaging
  • Extends eye shadow wear for up to 10 hours easily
  • Crease proof, fade proof
  • Lightweight
  • Ophthalmologist & Dermatologist tested
  • Helps eye shadows stay color-true
  • Suits all skin tones and types

Cons :

  • Expensive


Verdict : A+

Price : Rs. 1650 for 12 ml

Recommendation : A must have HG product for all girls who have oily eye lids yet love eye makeup. Suitable for all skin tones and makes the eye makeup stay on easily for more than 10 hours.

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