Makeup by Anjie Gogna

Summer weddings are vibrant and colourful but the sweltering heat can wreak havoc on your carefully applied makeup. It is essential for a summer bride to make sure her makeup stays intact throughout the ceremony and does not “melt off”. In this feature, we ask an expert on how to go about doing just that. Over to Anjie.

1) Do your homework – You can always use looks from the internet as references but ultimately, the look has to flatter your face too. Refer to photos of yours from the past when you got yourself made up. When did you feel you looked best or the worst? What did the makeup artist do right or what did s/he do wrong? Discuss it with your makeup artist for the wedding.

2) False lashes make a big impact on your Bridal look so I’m all for them. Settle on a style that is impactful enough without over powering your look. Make sure they are applied seamlessly by your makeup artist or else it will show in the photos.

3) Before you begin makeup, apply SPF – I suggest applying a separate, clear, matte finish sunblock after your moisturizer. I recommend Lotus Safe Sun Matte Sunblock. This wont affect any makeup you put on and will protect you especially for outdoor functions. It will prevent redness, sunburn, and drying of the skin.

4) For a makeup look that says summer bride like no other – Apply an illuminizer before your foundation (after the primer). It gives you the dewy and radiant complexion that is perfect for this weather.

5)  Try using a cheek tint after foundation (before setting your base with powder). This will serve as an added layer of rosy glow in case your powder blush wears off from all the congratulatory kisses & cheek-to-cheeks from friends and family.

6) The heat of summer plus the heavy Indian clothes will get you sweating for sure. To enhance the wearability of your makeup, ensure the makeup artist is using a long-wear foundation and sets it completely with powder. To bring the skin back to life, ask them to set it with a fixing/ setting spray like Make Up For Ever’s Mist and Fix Setting Spray. This will get rid of the powdery, cakey finish of the makeup and enhance your makeup’s staying power.

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