Guest Review by Sreeparna Ganguly (Hair Texture – Wavy and fine; Hair Type – Oily roots with dry ends)

Packaging : This shampoo is housed in a blue plastic bottle with golden flip-open cap. Though the packaging is spillage-proof, travel-friendly and compact; it looks quite plain to me.

Colour & Texture : This shampoo is translucent pale gold in colour. The consistency is not too thick, more on the runny side. It produces just enough lather to cleanse the hair. The froth is not heavily creamy and it does not leave behind creamy residue as well.

Fragrance : It has a distinct floral smell. The fragrance is very mild and does not stay for long. Mild yet long staying fragrances are my preferences for hair washes but I like how luxurious this one smells.



Effectiveness : I am growing out my hair these days; which lesser number of trimming sessions than before. As an obvious result of this hair-growth craze I have extremely dry and dull hair-ends. Plus hair-fall is also becoming a concern. To cater to these troubles I wanted to try milder hair care items. The Renewing Argan oil of Morocco range by OGX is quite raved about in the blog-o-sphere but I was skeptical about its performance on my hair. So, I got its smallest version just to check if its worth investing in.

Coming to the performance, the shampoo is very mild yet not overly moisturizing. It cleanses my oily scalp of the accumulated sebum, dirt and grime without drying it out too much. Its effects last for 2 days which is a novelty for me because most of the times my scalp gets greasy on the second day of hair wash. If I had oily hair like my scalp, I would not need the support of conditioner afterwards. Since, that is not the case with me I have to use conditioner to lock the moisture into the hair. You need to use extra product if you have oiled hair prior to the wash because it is not a clarifying product. Overall I think it is a good hair-wash for my combination type hair and it kind of kept the promises it made. I am thinking about trying smaller versions of other variants before buying the full-size to find out the best one for my hair type.



Pros :

  • Sulphate and paraben free formula
  • Nourishes the scalp and hair
  • Keeps frizz at bay
  • Contains argan oil and Vitamin B5
  • Mild fragrance

Cons :

  • Not free from silicones and milder sulphur-based cleansing compounds
  • Some might consider it expensive


Verdict : A

Price : INR 195 for 60 ml

Recommendation : I will recommend this mild hair cleanser to someone with dry and damaged hair. People who like to have luxurious spa like experience at home can try this one as well.

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