Guest review by Gurpreet (Skin tone : Light, Skin type : Normal to Dry)

While most of us use Rose water in our day to day lives, many of us are not very comfortable using rose flavored creams or lotions. I had also kept away from Rose creams, perfumes or lotions in the past. I picked up the Fab India Wild Rose Moisturizing lotion with lots of inhibitions but I am so glad I picked it up. I am totally in love with it !

I have a habit of applying lotion or cream over my body after a shower. While most lotions and creams moisturize the skin, my skin feels uneasy and heavy because of the greasiness post application. Fab India Wild Rose Moisturizing lotion provides hydration & makes the skin smell good without being heavy. Furthermore, the lotion has a good 3 year shelf life and can also be safely used on the face.


Packaging: It comes in a sturdy transparent bottle with a white colored nozzle. The nozzle has a transparent lid to keep from accumulating any dirt or drying out the cream and causing product wastage. The packaging is spill proof ; however due to the size it is not travel friendly.

Shade: Its pink in color and reminds me of strawberry whipped cream every time I use it.

Formula: The lotion feels light with the consistency of whipped cream & a desi gulaab fragrance. The Wild rose lotion gets absorbed into the skin and your skin feels hydrated instantly. It is apt for summers where you need something very non-greasy.

Fragrance: I use it soon after a bath all over my body and have been happily surprised to find my skin smelling like roses for hours after application. I say this without any form of exaggeration. The fragrance is so nice and fresh and is not at all irritating or overwhelming.

Lasting power: The lotion keeps the skin hydrated for long without any need for re-application in the summers. This however is not suitable for winters.



Pros :

  • Super light without any greasy feeling
  • Smells of roses
  • Inexpensive
  • Easily available
  • Perfect hydration for summers
  • Sturdy, spill proof and hygienic packaging

Cons :

  • Contains Parabens


Verdict : A+ (Must have for me)

Price : Rs. 290 for 200 ml

Recommendation : Fab India Wild Rose Moisturizing lotion is a soft, light, hydrating lotion in a beautiful practical bottle which is perfect for summers.

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