Me getting my makeup done for a shoot

Aloha ladies. Im sitting in Starbucks currently sipping on my low fat sugar free coffee. Ok I lie. Sipping on my Mocha cookie crunch with caramel sauce , and I see a girl right next to me who I swear could be the splitting image of Kylie Jenner- minus the boobs and butt. Literally, the exact same face. It’s the first time this has happened to me in India but when I took a trip to Australia a couple of weeks back, I swear every fourth girl was dressed a certain way an looked exactly like this – with a certain type of lipstick and contouring and eye makeup and false lashes and …. you get the drift right. For a minute I thought I had skipped a generation forward when human cloning was possible.

Now I’m all for personal choice- you wanna go and wear purple lipstick- go ahead and do that. But there is something I find VERY off about the standards of beauty and makeup that are super hot in the world right now. I’m talking about the Huda Beauty, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner variant of beauty. You see, I love makeup- I love to use makeup to make myself look a prettier version of myself – but I feel like the standards of beauty today are about using makeup to look like someone COMPLETELY different.

Have you seen Youtube tutorials of late ? Like seriously…the ‘no makeup’ look now involves hair extensions and false eyelashes. Between the 0:00 and 7.40 a girl goes from fresh faced girl next door to some uber glamazon woman who looks atleast 5 years older. Bronzer is not used to subtly contour and show of your cheekbones, its become like some sort of a magic wand to mold and construct your face into a different shape altogether. Your under eye area now as to be like ten shades lighter and almost look white in photographs. You don’t just subtly outline your lips, you draw close to an inch outside of them because god forbid your lips take less than 30% of the face. Mascara is replaced by false lashes, there are now eyebrow wigs , and you need 1,342 makeup products to look put together.

And the result of all this- everyone looks exactly the same. The same stark matte lips, the same deeply contoured cheek, the same dramatic eye makeup with an elongated eye liner …..and it bothers me. It bothers me because first I feel like taking a wet towel and cleaning everyones faces these days , but because they might think Im insane, I just restrict to doing it mentally. It also bothers me because girl- you are gorgeous the way you are. Use makeup to contour that nose and face, to highlight that beautiful brow bone, to highlight that pout…dont use it to camoflage everything and hide behind it. What is the point of looking like a particular person ? Isn’t the point of makeup to look like the most gorgeous you there is ? Sigh. Would love to hear from you in the comments below.

Okay. Rant over. Going back to my coffee and WedMeGood.
Psst: Yll be seeing me around here a lot more often.


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