I’m going to tell you something thats going to make you pretty jealous. You see every year, the mother gets a customary allowance from her company which she can only claim if she travels internationally. Hence, the mother uses the said allowance to kidnap my brother and me into a nice little trip every year. I say kidnap, but really we are only too happy to have a free trip :p Remember when I went to Spain last year? ((I was going to tag the article then realised I haven’t even told you guys about that. Eep) .Well this year – we are headed somewhere too – more on that in a bit.

BUT , the point is …summer dresses are a staple for me to stock up on every year . And everytime I buy it and the boy mentions I can definitely not wear this to work, I remind him of my impending vacay. Because seriously if somebody says the word Jeans in this heat, I will tape their mouth , tie them up somewhere and put 5 Orange bars infront of them which they cant touch. Okay, Iv been watching too much Homeland. ┬áBut you get the point right? Sticky thick denim= UGH.


The first one is from Koovs. The thing about Koovs- sometimes you get lucky like with this one, other times you feel like youv got something worse than a Sarojini Nagar purchase. Ok scratch that, I actually like Sarojini Nagar. I mean, other times one wash and the outfits look like a rag.

This one was super affordable too- I think I got it for like 700 Rs. That’s the price of two Pita Pits. And you cant wear Pita Pits, or vacation in Pita Pits.

IMG_0153 sage

The second one is from H&M. It costs 2 grand and is probably still in the store right about now incase you guys are interested. I just found the color so unique. And even though its full sleeves, its a really light fabric so it doesnt matter.

What are your summer dress essentials ? Whats a nice place to buy dresses from? Lemme know.


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