You know… by education, Im a masters in economics… but I sometimes think I can also have a degree in

1.) Online shopping

2.) Reality TV Shows

3.) Anti ageing skincare research

Now while the first and second is infinitely more interesting (hello Shark Tank) , the latter is where Iv been spending a TON of time since I turned 30. What did you say? Haan, I don’t look it ? Oh well.. you know its the genes, I dont really do anything …its just…umm ok a load of bullshit. Ofcourse Im obsessed about my skin and do everything in my power to keep it looking a certain way. My magic ingredient  – this little magical bottle of very very expensive yellow liquid called the CE Ferulic. When the boy found out that I has spent close to 10 grand on this one bottle – he stared at me expressionless for a good 20 minutes. Then I told him botox would probably be more expensive you know.


Giving you a quick lowdown- Vitamin C serums are literally the holy grail of anti ageing skincare. Theyr supposed to visibly reduce age spots and slow down ageing , BUT I found most of the ones on the market did nothing for me. Then I started researching obsessively and every now and again I kept coming across this one bottle people and dermats spoke about. I knew I had to have it and I got some nice people over in the US to grab a bottle for me .


Since then, I can’t do without it. I had come to this point where my usually well behaved skin was acting up like a teenager . Throwing tantrums with a stubborn mark here, or a dark patch which wouldn’t go away. This little magical liquid thingie is such a saviour.  This is a daytime serum (usually Vit C are night serums) and I apply it instead of a moisturizer or sometimes before a moizturizer in winters. The amazing thing- not only does it hydrate my skin but after 4-5 weeks of use I could see a visible difference in how even my skin looked, and how much it kinda glowed.  No jokes, skincare is hard to judge but this one is hands down one of the most effective formulations Iv tried. I use this and my Neutrogena Anti Wrinkle Night Repair cream as part of my skincare routine and I couldnt be happier. The only problem- you dont get this in India and also it can expire fast if you dont store it properly (If the liquid is dark orange its expired)

Verdict: A+

Price: Phew. Close to 170 $ . I buy it from astonishingskincare.com – they deliver it to an address in the USA for me. DONT buy it from amazon or any other place apart from the listed retailers mentioned on the Skinceuticals website. They tend to carry expired product and the website clearly states they are not authorized.

Reccomendation: Vitamin C serums are the holy grail of skincare and the CE Ferulic is literally the best Iv tried so far. It ensures my dark spots get faded, adds a certain radiance and also provides moisture. What more could you want.

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