Guest review by Garima Jham

Packaging : This fragrance is characterized by its turquoise blue glass body that comes with a gold color stopper. The golden crown has the name “Roberto Cavalli” engraved on it. I could buy this fragrance just for the gorgeous bottle.

Fragrance : The fragrance is refreshing for summer days. It’s moderately musky with some sweetness and a bit of a cool aquatic undertone. The fragrance is as spectacular as the bottle. It smells like a very clean and rich fragrance. (Top Notes – lemon and jasmine, Base notes – Musk)



Longevity : The scent is quite strong and lasts for around 6 hours on the pulse points. I can’t call it a seductive fragrance. The initial burst of the perfume is a bit stronger, which is what I love. Once it settles down, it leaves behind very mild notes of jasmine and musk. Overall, the fragrance is unique, classic, sophisticated and timeless.


Pros :

  • Sophisticated packaging
  • Very nice springtime scent
  • Strong, but doesn’t cause irritations or headaches
  • Lasts for about 6 hours

 Cons :

  • Very mild base notes
  • Expensive


Verdict : A

Price : Around INR 4300 for 50 ml.

Recommendation : I found this scent by accident and haven’t stopped loving it since ! Amazing blend of jasmine, lemon and musk. This is a five star scent for sure

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