I have this little town to thank for my entire Europe trip because one day, while the mother , the pest and me were sitting around the sofa wondering where to spend her travel allowance, this town came up. Now in between suggestions of Japan, and Prague this hardly seemed exciting- but the mother had heard of this from  her friends (read : other mothers) and she was somehow convinced this town had all the stuff she loved (ummm – souvenir shops basically ) . I was convinced this was a typical “mom- town” (you know the kinds- which have little curios and artefacts and a lot of culture and no fun) so I just rolled my eyes and agreed. It turned out to be a really quaint, cute town where I could have roamed around for hours and just taken in the mideival feeling…but 24 hours is probably the most I could stay there.

Bruge- day trip or overnight stay.

Bruge is this tiny town in Belgium so its in between Paris & Amsterdam so a lot of people do either day trips from Brussels or from Amsterdam. We didn’t want to tire ourselves out so we spent a night. I think spending a night is a good idea- when the sun sets , the entire town has this golden glow over its brick houses and it just looks super gorgeous. But if you are short on time, even a day trip is ok – its a tiny little place and you will visit every nook and cranny pretty much within four hours.

Here is how we spent our 24 hours  in Bruge

Checked into our Airbnb


We had the cutest airbnb in Bruges. Done up in a very english, cottage way and we took the terrace room- it was kinda hot but perfect for 3 people to stay in with two big beds and more than enough space.

Posed infront of purple doors.

June Bruges1

You know my door obsession from my Paris trip? Well I spotted some VERY colorful doors in Bruge

Sat beside the canals

June Bruges

The entire city of Bruge is flanked by canals and there are little cafes and spots right beside them where you can sit and grab some cherry beer. Yep- cherry beer was my favourite thing to drink here. Super yum.

Went to the Market Square

June Bruges3

The Market Square or “Markt” is this huge square in the middle of Bruges where all the action happens. Honestly do NOT eat in the cafes around here- theyr nice to just grab a beer- a cherry beer to be exact. But food wise they are pretty terrible

Got back adorable hot chocolate spoons 


Arent these genius? These little chocolate spoons can be dissolved into hot milk . Just add milk, put in the spoon with the cube attached to its butt and DONE.


Bought the cutest bag I own


Ok, so I was walking down the cobbled streets of Bruge, sipping on some Cherry beer (I was obsessed and also very drunk) . I stopped by this boutique called Nicky M and fell in LOVE with this bag. It was kind of expensive and I wasn’t in the mood to spend that kind of money so I just left it. But then fifteen minutes later I found myself back in the store haggling with the lady owner. After about an hour of oohing and aahing and she finally convincing me because of the fact that I would get a VAT rebate I finally caved. Im so glad I did. This is the cutest thing I own.

Took a peek at the Dali MuseumJune Bruges2

This was kind of interesting. Dali is a famous Spanish artist and the museum had some interesting bits- my favourite was the dessert display on the left.

Had the best meal at The Olive Tree

Even though I eat meat, I am not a big carnivore. After spending 3 days in London with no vegetables in sight, I wanted something more wholesome so I spotted a Greek restaurant. It was luckily 4.5 on Tripadvisor and the food was AMAZING.

As you can see- that bag became my defacto travel bag for the rest of the trip. Its actually from a brand called Vendula London and its stocked in many boutiques across Europe if you want something similar


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