If there’s one thing Iv been sorta obsessed with over the past few months- it’s skincare. You see, I’m a minimal makeup person (which is weird considering I run a beauty blog) …but I believe in minimal makeup because I’m a HUGE believer that great looking skin is better than any freaking foundation you would spend your money on. The boy thinks my side table is looking like a pharmacy , and I think I need a degree in anti ageing serums (if such a think exists). Anyway, so yeah as you grow older you kinda tend to pay attention to the fine print beyond the cute packaging and here are three ingredients I think you should incorporate in your skincare routine.

  1. Vitamin C :

Yeah- the kind you find in oranges. Except this one you put on your face. There are a lot of different forms of Vitamin C but Absorbic Acid is the one to look out for. It basically brightens your complexion and evens out your tone and does a whole lot of other magical stuff . The problem- very very few creams have a stable form of Vitamin C and it tends to get expired very  quickly. Also, most Vitamin C serums should be used at night because they make your skin photo sensitive. However, the one I use- the Skinceuticals Serum is a day serum (It is unbelievably good by the way. Very expensive, I admit but SO worth it)

  1. Hylarunic Acid:

Iv been reading up on this stuff for a while now. Basically Hylarunic Acid is something that you find in your body itself and it is like this amazing moisture capturer. It locks in moisture for hours which means your skin looks more fresh, more plump and all your little lines get filled in.  The best thing about it- s that its oil free so while oily skin can use it with ease, dry skin can use it just as well and still feel moisturized.Unfortunately, I didnt find too many creams in India containing Hylarunic Acid (it SUCKS that we have to settle for skincare) – so I got the next best alternative. Creams which contain Sodium Hylarunate (its like a version of Hylarunic acid but not exactly that) . The Clinique Moisture Thirst range has this and so does the Estee Lauder night repair serum . (The SA will tell you it contains Hylarunic Acid but if you read the backside it  says Sodium Hylarunate . When I asked the SA, she just looked at me like Im an Alien.)

  1. Retinol:

You may think it sounds boring but its the gold standard of anti-ageing people. Retinol is a form of Vitamin A which has been documented (like with proper lab experiments and shizz) to prevent wrinkles, repair skin and in general be a super hero product. The problem- Retinol also dries skin and makes it thinner. So if you have skin like mine- then ensure your Retinol product is either followed up with a heavy duty moisturizer or contains sufficient moisture on its own. I use a Retinol treatment from Neutrogena, but it isn’t anywhere as moisturizing for my skintone so I have to follow up with a moisturizer .

How do I use all of these? Coming up soon.

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