Yknow how sometimes you get obsessed with things and then constantly just think up of new ways of wearing it and internally rationalise in your head why they are so worth it ? No? It’s just me ? Well,  I do – and currently Im obsessed with these pair of pants I spotted online (just cant get myself to buy them because I have enough pants!) They can be worn without too much thought when you’re in a hurry. They are comfortable and ideal for days when you have a gazillion errands to run. Also a good choice for Sunday brunch !

The Renge Knox trousers can be bought from Aprere. The ruffle trim, stripes and tie-up sash lend it a formal chic look. And since its striped, you can easily wear it to work. For a more casual look team it up with a basic crop top in white or black. If you’re feeling experimental though, colours like blush, yellow and mint can be considered.

So how would you style these trousers ? Would love to know. 

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